Best file recovery tool to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin is a temporary storage for files that have been deleted by the user. Typically, a Recycle Bin is a special folder which provides a safety net to the user when he or she deletes the files or folders by mistake. Recycle Bin allows the user to browse deleted files and undelete those that were deleted by mistake. You can delete the files or folders in Recycle Bin one by one or whole content at a time by using the “Empty Recycle Bin” function. If you do this by mistake then it may lead to loss of data on the hard disk drive. In this instance the deleted data is not yet permanently erased from the physical media (Hard Disk Drive), so to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin you need to make use of good third party file recovery software.

Microsoft provides a trash system called as Recycle Bin with Windows XP onwards operating systems, that is an area used to store and review the files and folders which were deleted on the hard drive. When you delete a folder, the files which it contains are moved into the Recycle Bin and mixed with other deleted files. In Microsoft Windows, only files which are deleted via Windows Explorer will be put into Recycle Bin and the files which are deleted via Command Prompt will be bypassed from Recycle Bin. The files deleted from hard drives are moved to Recycle Bin and not when they are deleted from removable media such as memory card, external USB hard drive or floppy disks etc. There are only two situations in which the Recycle Bin files can be deleted or lost, and they are listed below.

  • Accidentally using the Empty Recycle Bin function
  • Recycle Bin fills up to maximum capacity

In Microsoft Windows XP the default storage capacity of the Recycle Bin is configured to hold 10 percent of the total storage capacity of hard drive to store deleted files and folders. In Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 the Recycle Bin has a setting to configure the storage capacity of deleted files, but it is restricted that not to exceed 3.99 GB of space. Free disk space allocated for Recycle Bin is not actually used until the files deleted from drives and stored in it.  If the Recycle Bin fills up to maximum storage capacity then the earlier files will be removed automatically from it in order to put up the newly deleted files or folders. If a deleted file is too large for the Recycle Bin then user will loss that file.

Normally people will empty the Recycle Bin when there is lack of hard disk space. In such instance, accidentally using the Empty Recycle Bin function will lead to loss of files. Files removed from Recycle Bin are not permanently erased from the storage media (Hard Disk Drive) instead of that storage space is allocated to new data. It is possible to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin until a new data overwrites on them. So in order to perform deleted file recovery download the Remo Recover (Windows) – Basic Edition software, that is an efficient deleted file recovery tool.