Best iPod recovery software

IPod is an all in one gadget developed and marketed by Apple Company. Apple offers several models in iPod such as iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, and iPod Classic. Almost all iPod models use the internal flash memory for storage where as iPod classic uses the hard disk sized up to 160GB. However, loss of media files on iPod may take place due to various disastrous situations. In such kinds of situations, you can recover deleted or lost media files from iPod by making use of good third party iPod recovery software.

IPod has provided with various applications such as iTunes Music Store, App Store, iBooks, Mobile Me, Game Center etc. By using the iTunes application, you can transfer the media files such as Photos, Videos, Games, Contact Information, E-mail Settings, Web Bookmarks, and Calendars in between different iPods. IPod classic has additional features such as text files can be displayed, contacts can be synchronized with host computer, in built games like brick, solitaire, and music quiz are available, and adjustable screen brightness etc. Loss of media files such as digital image files, digital audio files, and video files on the iPod may occur due to various situations like corruption of firmware, errors in connecting the iPod, accidentally restoring the iPod, frozen iPod, improper synchronization with the iTunes application, and abruptly ejecting the iPod during file transmission process etc. Let us briefly reveal few important case scenarios in which loss of media files on the iPod can be occurred.

  • Accidental restoring the iPod: Use of Restore option on an iPod will erase all media files stored on iTunes Database and restore the iPod to its original factory settings. If you have accidentally used the restore option in the iPod then there may be chances to lose media files like photos and songs on an iPod.
  • Corruption of iPod firmware: The firmware on an iPod may get corrupt due to virus attack or abruptly unplugging the iPod during media files transfer. Attacking of virus on the iPod may corrupt the firmware and hence causes the media files on an iPod become inaccessible. Abruptly unplugging the iPod when the media file transmission process is in progress may lead to corruption of firmware on an iPod.
  • Improper synchronization of iPod: When you connect the iPod to computer it will automatically synchronizes with the iTunes application. If iTunes application fails to synchronize due to some error then it will display an error message saying that “Attempt to copy to the disk <iPod name>. The disk could not be read from or written to”. When this happens, there may be chances of losing the media files on an iPod.

Deleted or lost media files can be recovered from the iPod by using good third party iPod recovery software. Remo Recover (Mac) – Media Edition software is good at handling all data loss scenarios on iPod. Using this software you recover lost or deleted media files from various iPod models such as iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, and iPod Classic. Download and use this software to recover lost or deleted media files from iPod.