Best Method to Retrieve Lost, Erased Data from CF Card

Compact Flash (CF) card is one of the most popular flash digital memory card. It comes in various capacities, usually from 128MB to 137GB. Comparing other card types this comes in larger sizes and is widely being used by digital cameras, DSLR cam coders and gaming devices. Cost is slightly lower and transfer speed is high. The stored files mainly include any of these types’ images, audios, videos and any other media type. SanDisk, Kingston, Lexar, Micro Disk are the popular brands which manufactures CF cards.

cf-card-recoveryCF card makes it easier for you to store files but it doesn’t take away the risk of losing files due to several reasons, like any other digital storage devices. CF card users might have experienced many such situations leading to data lost like accidental format, CF card corruption and different cases of unknown errors prompting you to format. And the result is, all your precious photos and videos will be lost within no time, leading you to think over it. This happened to me also, not just once but on many occasions. If you are facing this situation at present and hoping to find a solution then you are on the right place. As in this article I am revealing how I made out of this problem on many occasions.

Whenever I got into trouble due to an accidental format or intentional format and in case of CF card corruption, I went for only one option i.e. CF Card Data Recovery software. And I was very fortunate to have this tool with me in each case. It helped me to recover all of my data that includes rarest moments with family and friends. I would say this is without doubt the best way to retrieve lost data. This is not just about my word, industry experts highly recommend this very tool to recover lost data from CF card. Let’s look at the various reasons for losing data from CF card before moving on with CF Card Data Recovery.

Causes of data loss in CF card:

  • It’s really frustrating for anyone who faces this fatal error “Disk need to be formatted” after connecting CF card to system. It compels the user to format CF card drive, which ultimately removes all your data from the CF card.
  • Files may become inaccessible at times, this is a real shock for users, as this happens after clicking plenty of photos and shooting many videos. The display shows CF card is empty.
  • CF corruption happens due to many issues like virus infiltration, switching off camera during the writing process, capturing photos and images when batter is down under.
  • Accidental deletion is always a possibility as humans are prone to make mistakes.
  • Using same CF card in different devices or different computer leads to format or file system corruption.

CF Card Data Recovery- Efficient tool to Retrieve Lost or Erased Data from CF Card

CF Card Data Recovery is built to retrieve lost or deleted pictures, videos and music from CF card. It retrieves images, audio and video of almost all major files types like JPEG, PNG, BMP, MP3, MP4, AVI, etc. This utility is very easy to use, don’t require any prior technical knowledge. It comes with a rich and highly efficient interface.

What makes CF card Data Recovery special?

  • It completes the scanning process of the entire CF card pretty quickly than its competitors, but at the same time performs at 100% efficiency.
  • It recovers the data lost from CF card into the storage area destined by the user.
  • Using this utility the data recovery from CF card is done in three to four simple steps.
  • Save recovery session is of high advantage to save the time for scanning, if there is any need to stop the entire scanning process. User can resume at any time.
  • Preview options is another special feature, user can recheck the data before saving it.
  • Supports different versions of Windows and Mac OS.