How to Retrieve Formatted Partition?

“I was performing defragmentation process on my system but in the middle of it, something went wrong and when I opened my hard drive partition there were no files on it, it’s been erased or formatted from my Windows PC. Actually I have stored lot of essential files and folders on that particular hard drive partition and the loss of those files are unimaginable; I don’t have any idea on what happened with my system technically. I am looking for probably the best tool to recover formatted partition, any help regarding this is appreciable.

As you know hard drives are considered to be the best storage device preferred by user to store and access huge amount of digital information. Hard drives are generally divided into different partition as per the requirement of the user. It is always advised to create more than one partition on the hard drive, so that the user can separate system files and user files. And even if the user lose access to one hard drive partition, user can still access the other hard drive partitions and this is one of the prime advantage of creating partition. And the basic disadvantage with any storage device is that all are vulnerable to data loss situations and hard drive is no exception. There are various unexpected reasons that lead to the formatting of the hard drive partition, lets study more about it.

Situations leading to formatting of the hard drive partition:

  • Accidental formatting: There may be instances like user by mistake will format the wrong partition instead of formatting unwanted partition.
  • Third party tools: Using unreliable third party applications to create new partitions at times might format the existing hard drive partition.
  • Installing multiple OS: While trying to install multiple operating system on hard drive will lead to formatting of hard drive.
  • Using command format: Having less knowledge in working with command prompt might also lead to formatting of hard drive.
  • Format errors: In order to overcome not formatted error, user will have to carry on with formatting and this makes the entire data inaccessible.
  • Corruption: In case of corruption to file system on hard drive partition, user will have to perform format operation, this results in total loss of files and folders from hard drive partition.

In case, if you are one among the victims of data loss due to formatting of hard drive as mentioned in the above scenarios then continue reading this page, as we are going to reveal simple steps to recover formatted partition with great ease. Most often user will keep the perception that by formatting hard drive partition the entire data is permanently deleted but that’s not actually true. The files are not permanently deleted instead the address of the file is deleted, just ensure that the files on your hard drive are not overwritten with new files. You can avail the services of Recover Formatted Partition tool to recover lost or deleted files after formatting.

Recover Formatted Partition tool comes with a simple design and it is well equipped with lot advanced features that allows user to recover data from formatted partition. It is one of the most recommended tool to perform formatted partition recovery under any circumstances leading to it as mentioned above. The utility rigorously scans your entire hard drive for lost files and folders using the effective scanning algorithms, which boosts the tool to restore different file formats. You can use this tool to recover data from formatted FAT32, FAT16, ExFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 partitions.

Additional features of Recover Formatted Partition

  • It supports recovery of data from formatted partitions on Windows operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.
  • Besides recovering data from formatted hard drive partition this tool can also recover data from memory cards, USB drives, MP3 players, digital cameras and lot more.
  • This tool allows user to resume scanning process by making use of save recovery session feature, user doesn’t need to rescan the entire hard drive again and again but instead make use of previously saved session.
  • Trial version of Recover Formatted Partition facilitates the user to preview the recovered files from formatted partition.

How to Recover Data from Formatted USB Hard drive

USB hard drive is portable in nature in terms of carry and store a large amount of data from one place to another. All most all people choose this USB hard drive particularly when they need to have huge assortment of their favored videos, music, important files for example. Sometimes user may format their external hard disks in order to erase data existing on HDD. No matter what the cause, formatting will totally deletes data present on that drive. In such cases, if you would not have backup of data through your USB hard disk you then are in a huge mess mainly when data stored on external HDD is significant to you. Nonetheless, from now onwards, keep all your own worries aside since formatted USB hard disk recovery is get rid of difficult task. Recover Formatted software has made data recovery easier than in the past. It can retrieve files from formatted USB disk drive in few simple mouse clicks.

External hard drive has been favored by most of the users whenever data ought to be moved from one system to an alternative. Sometimes when user may connect your hard drive to PC or on account of errors with file system or a few unknown errors, it prompts you that do you want to format. In case should you hit on file format option purposely, then entire data present on that USB hard drive will be washed away within a fraction of minute. Sometimes when people connect USB drive generate to virus-infected system, USB drive also gets corrupt or damaged on account of harmful virus attack. Therefore, in order to access such drives, you need to use format option to format the external drive, suppose if you don’t have backup of files then take copy of that corrupted USB drive, In case if you have not taken copy from corrupt or damaged external drive, severe loss of data may occur. In addition, the cases including abrupt ejection of USB hard drive, sudden system shutdown, extensive rough use of HDD, technical errors etc. can also bring about formatting of hard drive disk thereby you will lose files through that storage drive.

In order to prevent loss of essential files and version from USB drive due to unintended formatting or another reasons, it’s better to get backup so that backup could save you from severe reduction. Moreover, make sure that antivirus has been installed on my computer where you connect USB hard drive.

It does not matter how you have lost files, the final result will probably be loss of your own essential files. If you have lost data through external hard drive on account of formatting and thoughtful how to rescue data then Recover Formatted is the greatest appropriate utility to suit your needs. It has designed with various advanced features to help you use this device to retrieve data from various brands of USB hard disks including Western A digital, Buffalo, Iomega, and Seagate for example. Moreover, this app also restores data from memory cards, flash drives, FireWire hard drives, pen drives for example. To know the full process of data recovery from formatted drive experience this URL

Best solution to recover external hard drive data on Mac

Have you ever lost precious data from external hard drive on Mac after inaccessible? If yes then usually do not panic, within this a write-up you’ll get detailed help return all lost or deleted data from external drive within an easy way. External hard disk utilized to maintain backup of important data collection then one can hold those data because drive wherever and will access those data by connecting into any PC’s USB port instantly. Because of some circumstances, data could get lost or deleted, but users no need to worry because when data lost from removable drive, which is not gone permanently. Only pointer reference to that data is deleted and marked that space as free for storing new data in it and lost data is still resided on disk itself. By utilizing external data recovery software, it’s possible to easily regain all data within an efficient way.

Various reasons behind loss of data from Mac hard disk

  • Accidental deletion of files: while deleting unwanted files from removable hard disk to utilize the space for storing other files, accidentally formatting of removable hard disk drive without taking appropriate backup, damaged file system are the reasons behind deletion of data from hard drive.
  • File catalog corruption: In Mac, volumes contains files, file directories, file threads, and directory information. This vital information is saved in catalog file, which is arranged in B tree shape. Once this catalog file could easily get corrupt which makes difficult to traverse directory files or folders stored with that volumes and consequences in loss of files.
  • Formatting External Hard Disk Drive: Disk management tool is utilized to add, delete, and modify volumes dynamically in Mac hard disk but while creating new volume you are designed to delete D volume but mistakenly delete volume C, which results in inaccessible drive to result in huge loss of data. Even if any volume is contaminated with most virus attacks and facing difficult to access files such situation you could format that drive intentionally to store fresh data in it.
  • Reformatting hard disk: Frequently it is necessary to alter file system to a new i.e. from HFS+ to HFSX file system on Mac hard disk. However, if any interrupt occurs while doing file conversion or failed to do right conversion then it results in an inaccessible drive and results in loss of huge data from that drive.
  • Interruption in file transfer process: Suppose you are wishing to collect huge data off their PC, then you will utilize this external drive to copy by connecting drive to PC’s USB port however, if accidentally eject drive suddenly while moving files it results in loss of being transferred files.

Loss of data from hard drive is common because of above-mentioned scenarios. By utilizing Mac hard drive recovery software, it is possible to undelete formatted or reformatted external drive for both Windows and Mac OS based machines. It scans entire removable drive even after inaccessible because of file system error to find files and folders. Moreover, this tool demo version is also available in websites to check on its capability in retrieving files and folders from Mac external drive. If you are happy with results obtained, then buy this tool and save all rescued data to the storage devices without facing any difficulties.

Special features of this tool are:

  • Performs external drive data recovery after MBR corruption because of formation bad sectors
  • Effective graphical user interface, which helps a newcomer user to use this tool without the complications
  • It supports recovery of data from HFS+ and HFSX formatted or reformatted external drive
  • Ultimate tool to execute portable hard disk data recovery on NTFS, NTFF5 along with other file system
  • Capable to rescue greater than 300 file types including audio, video, office documents, PST along with other files over a couple of minutes
  • Simply undelete files from Trash after accidentally empting it
  • User-friendly tool to rescue external hard disk drive on Mac, after file system corruption

Suggestions to prevent data from removable hard disk

  • Always make your hard disk free from virus by regularly scanning with updated antivirus
  • Frequently do not plug and eject when drive isn’t recognizable
  • Always unplug external drive with safe remove option
  • Regularly take backup of important data

The Most Effective Way of HDD Partition

Generally, users divide their system hard drive into partition to hold data according to their need. Partitioning are few things but dividing hard disk drive into certain space for storing data in it. After partitioning the drive, the system behaves like it has multiple HDD. HDD contains the file system like, FAT and NTFS to keep data in it. The file system of HDD helps you to store data in organized way. The information regarding the file system like, file system name, access permission, creation time and date, last modified starting time and date of the file etc. are stored in the property owner File Table (MFT). Suppose if the partition is of NTFS formatted and because of virus and malware attack this Master File Table gets corrupted or damaged it leads to loss of data. In such kind of situation to recover partition you need to use the third party tool. Probably the most popular Software programs are  Recover HDD Partition Software that will easily recover data from partition.

Situations where you can recover partition using HDD Partition recovery Software:
• Deleted/Missed/Formatted HDD partitions
• Corruption of Master Boot Record (MBR)
• Crashing of Logical Disk
• Damage of Master File Table (MFT)
• Corruption of HDD partition
• Interruption during portioning/re-partitioning
• Issues while formatting & re-formatting of HDD

These are the situations where you must recover partition. The primary reason behind such type of damage/corruption of HDD is because of virus or malware attacks and unexpected system shutdown. When your data get deleted or formatted from system HDD then you’re just not able to access those lost data. Because it deletes the address of deleted data and mark that space as free space. So, it becomes quite simple to restore deleted/formatted/lost data until and until you store new data over it. So there are a few precautionary measures mentioned below which is helpful in the situation of HDD corruption.

Precautionary measures to keep safe HDD partition data:
• It ‘s better to keep updated strong antivirus in your system.
• Turn off one’s body after closing every one of the application.
• Make certain that you have kept a backup of important data before formatting, re-formatting etc.

After following such precautionary steps, in case you are still struggling with data loss you’ll be able to utilize the HDD Partition Recovery software. This software helps you to restore all lost and deleted data from HDD partition quickly. This software really helps to recover lost photos, videos, audio files, and most 300 forms of files on the basis of date, extension, size, and file name. This software supports the file systems like FAT and NTFS as well as really helps to recover data from different brands of HDD like, Hitachi, Toshiba, Iomega, Kingston etc.

This software is available in free demo version that you can download and attempt for recovery. Software provides manual with well explained screen shots therefore it becomes super easy to recoup partition. You merely visit this link to download software and attempt for recovery.