Get All the Detailed Information About Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

Microsoft Office has now started life on the Mac, before it is only applicable to Windows. This release of Microsoft Office 2016 almost closes the gap with Office 2013 for Windows not only in terms of feature parity and document compatibility but also harmonizing the interface across windows, Mac, and mobile which offers great benefit to the productivity if you regularly work across different platforms. Microsoft Office 2016 almost succeeded in Mac but not entirely. Moreover it looks like a contemporary Mac citizen. Although previous Mac version Office 2011 supports Retina displays and it had started to look as very old fashioned way.Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

About Modern Mac:

Microsoft has finally brought some changes in Mac developments such as multi-touch application for panning and zooming and also offers a native full-screen. Let us assume that there is no iCloud Drive integration. However this is not a big issue as Microsoft’s own OneDrive cloud storage provides some benefits but not all the benefits of iCloud Drive. If you didn’t install the OneDrive app then the files doesn’t appear in the Finder. The open and save dialog is a quite awkward, which could be very irritating depending on your workflows and perhaps most badly, there is close parity between the new Mac Office applications and iOS applications. OneDrive is already being baked into both to handle the back-end. There is also no support for handoff between mobiles and desktop but one frustrating thing is that Microsoft is still dragging its heels over implementing exciting new capabilities of the Apple world.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Microsoft Office 2016 still feels like a little area from the broader Mac world. It uses its own dictionaries rather than OS X’s. It reveals that it is an approach which is neither good nor bad, but the appeal depends on whether you have invested more in the Mac or Office ecosystems. Office 2016 looks fantastic. It is not only familiar to the users on Windows but also thoroughly in Mac in terms of the visuals. Like Windows version it consists of the redesigned Ribbon menu group tasks, but sometimes it is still a confusing proliferation of ways to achieve the same things.

Windows Compatibility and Collaboration:

Windows compatibility for documents has significantly improved with more Excel functions and PowerPoint transitions making it to the Mac version from Windows, but there are still disparities. Like, some Windows-style shortcuts such as Ctrl-S and Cmd-S will work in both Windows and Mac and some other shortcuts may not work.

Collaboration and co-authoring tools are always welcome, though they are sub-par when compared to the office suites from Google and even Apple. Suppose when working on a Word document both parties have to save their changes before they appear on the other’s screen. Finally you will get the Office for the Mac as a part of Microsoft Office 365 package.