Use This Tool to Repair Outlook OST File

ostMicrosoft Outlook is the most popular email clients. It is widely used by people across the globe for their professional and personal works. As compared to any other email client, it is the highly proficient and also having an advanced features which attract users. Moreover, With the help of this app, you can organize your meetings, contacts, calendar and tasks in an organized manner. It provides many features like integrated RSS aggregator, calendar snapshots, etc. Outlook app uses a file to store all the information called as PST file. Outlook uses another file that is known as OST. This OST file is the copy of the PST file. PST file is most commonly known as Personal Storage Table whereas OST as Offline Storage Table.

Sometimes, you may encounter some issue during accessing Outlook OST file. Such issues occur due to the corruption of OST file. If the OST file gets damaged due to any reasons, then you will not be able to access it. In such case, you need to fix OST file by using an advanced repair program because there is no manual way to fix it. So to repair OST file, you can use Repair OST app to fix all OST file related issue.

Let us talk about some most common causes which may lead to the corruption of OST file:

Outlook in-built repair tool: Scanpst is the Outlook inbuilt repair tool which helps to fix PST files, but it is also allows users to fixing OST files. Sometimes, this inbuilt app does not work properly and also lead to severelly damaging of OST files.

Human error: OST file may get corrupted or damage due to human errors such as wrong formatting operating system, incorrect partitioning storage device, improper termination of application, etc. will make the Exchange Server database as unavailable.

Abrupt System shutdown: If your system suddenly gets shutdown when your OST file is in active mode, then there are many chances of your file getting corrupted. This happens when there is power fluctuation, virus attack or server synchronization fault.

In order to fix OST file related issues which can be damaged or corrupted in any above maintained way, you can repair it with the help of Repair OST program easily. This utility is virus free, which gives you the guarantee of the safe repairing process. By using application, you can repair OST file that can be created on different versions of Outlook such as Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2010, 2007, 2013 and 2003. It is a read only program which means it does not modify the original OST file, instance of modifying Outlook OST file, it simply create new OST file with same name and read the information from damaged OST file and put it into new one. This feature ensue the safety of information store in OST file. With the help of this easy to use program, you can recover each bit of information and also fix OST related issue easily.

Way to find the Address Book after loss

Outlook is used like a good communicator to stay in touch with peoples and to accomplish the communication. The majority of the business, organizations runs with the aid of emails. Client side Outlook is used to email and pass the information to each other. Customers using Outlook trouble themselves by repairing and recovery of lost characteristics of Outlook. You will find number of searches that are created on the data of Outlook but aren’t deeply done. The information associated with Outlook isn’t correctly available online. Therefore, reading this short article you’ll be knowing all each important factor associated with Outlook and can obtain the complete arrangement of Outlook backup copies.

1. Outlook holds a lot more than single account data and what have to be followed to produce backup of Outlook of multi-user’s data.

Outlook is a component of Microsoft ‘office’ because it is an application. Each Windows OS is having the another form of Outlook Office. If you wish to get guideline to produce support then you’ve to click start button, choose program, Microsoft ‘office’, Microsoft office tool finally choose Microsoft ‘office’ user configurations backup guide.

After selection you’ll be facing a dialog box, click the “next” button just to move forward. Afterward you must choose the configuration setting (local setting) and then you need to choose that location where you need to save the backup files. The extension that you need to give is .ops. After completing the task you need to click the start button that will start your backup creation process. Regarding the configurations of Outlook all your information will be saved. The registry information of Outlook is going to be saved. When your data are saved then you definitely do not need to bother with your data and settings of the Outlook.

2. creation of backup Outlook Address Book, tasks and calendar can be achieved using software.

Outlook’s data is saved within the folder titled as MAPI folder, this folder hold data of every attributes of Outlook. Though there’s folder but nonetheless one file named PST can be used that’s accustomed to contain the data inside it. The particular scenario is that the folder is really a content of PST file. Additionally, if you want to backup data of the files then you need to follow this.

The initial requirement to produce Outlook backup is to terminate all application that are based on email like you have to close Outlook, Microsoft Exchange or Home windows Messenger.

Once you are filled with the very first procedure then you’ve to click start button to choose configurations options. Then choose user interface and then click mail application to open it that will display a Outlook property dialog. Later click the button that will show all setting files.

Finally, you’ll have to choose the setting file. Bear in mind that you need to pick the PST files. When you complete doing choice of file you will then be given a previous address that you need to remember.

When you are completed with it then you’ll obtain the file and you have to keep individuals file.

How to repair pst file?

In current scenario generally people use outlook for managing mails, contacts, calendar, reminder, etc. This software has been boon to the users having different e-mail ids. MS Outlook or commonly called outlook was developed by Microsoft incorporation which along with MS Office suite. It’s awesome features make it reliable to use for novice or expert. Thus, if by any reason you face a catastrophic situation where you are not able to contact any of your friends or colleges by using outlook. Then you need to use Scan Pst software, which gets back all desired files within few minutes.

There are number of ways by which you can lose control over pst file such as accidental deletion of emails from pst, improper outlook termination, upgradation of outlook, virus infection, Oversized Pst file, etc. Let’s discuss some of the above mentioned scenarios. Deletion of any mail from Outlook pst is a common activity. But some time it happens that by accident you deleted some other folder instead of desired one. Generally people think that those lost folders can’t be recovered but that’s not the case, for such type of situation we do have a tool called Scan Pst. It is read only app and performs its act without making any changes to the content of pst file. This tool easily scan outlook 2010 pst and revives each and every file which are deleted intentionally or unintentionally.

From the very beginning of outlook one of it limitation it has faced is that its pst size can be upto some point only. The maximum size of outlook 2010 is 50 GB. 50 GB may seem you very big but people who keep sharing large volume of files between their friends and college can go beyond it. Once any pst file goes reaches its maturity value then its chances of getting corrupt increases. Lets take example of Suppose you are using outlook 2000 which has max size of 2 Gb. Since you have been using it for long, it has reached its max value. Due to this one day it gets corrupt. So now what is to be done??? You need not panic in situation. You can get back those files by implementation of Scan Pst software. This tool recreates a new pst without making any changes to the original one, thus your original file remains safe as before.

Some of glittering features of this tool are:

  • It supports different versions of outlook.
  • Even password protected pst can be repaired.
  • Emails deleted from outlook can be recovered effortlessly.
  • If you don’t have idea about where the pst file is located it can easily track it down.
  • Repairs pst file which gets corrupt due to upgradation.
  • It repairs pst files located on external drive also.
  • It supports different windows os.
  • It gives preview option to have a look at recovered data.

Therefore by going through Scan Pst features we can state that it can be used to repair pst file. Anyone get it from internet for trial usage.

The Best Method To Fix Corrupted PST File

You know that Outlook comes in different versions like, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. Outlook 2010 is the latest version of Outlook. So many people still uses the old version of Outlook, but sometimes due to very low data storage issue they try to upgrade their Outlook version from old Outlook version to new latest Outlook version. During this Outlook conversion if your old Outlook version gets corrupt then you may lose all old Outlook stored data. The reason behind Outlook corruption like, power loss during Outlook conversion or any other reason due to which you may lose all your stored data from Outlook. After this incident how will you recover your lost data from your computer? To recover this lost data from your corrupted Outlook you have to use Outlook recovery software.

By using Outlook recovery software you can recover all your lost emails, contact list, calendar, notes, journals, personal information etc. This all data stored in Outlook PST file. PST is nothing but Personal Storage Table. This Outlook PST file helps to store all type of data like, emails, contact list, calendar, notes, journals, personal information etc. Your Outlook get corrupted means your PST file getting corrupt that’s why you are unable to access the data from this Outlook PST file. The PST file comes with different storage capacity in different Outlook versions. Like Outlook 2000 stores only 2 GB data, Outlook 2003 &2007 contains 20 GB data, and Outlook 2010 stores upto 50GB data in this PST file. So if these PST files corrupt means you are unable to access all stored data from this file. How it becomes possible to corruption of PST file? There are lot of reasons behind this some of those are like,

• During upgradation from old Outlook version to new Outlook version which may lead data loss.
• Due to storage of data in PST file is more than its maximum storage capacity causes to PST file corruption.
• Due to sharing same PST file over network may cause corruption of PST file.
• Abruptly turn off system without closing Outlook application causes to data loss

These are the few reasons explained above due to which you may lose all your stored data from Outlook. To fix Outlook you have to use Outlook Repair tool by using this software it is very easy to repair Outlook PST file. This software helps you to recover all lost or deleted data and repair all corrupted data from Outlook. The Outlook repair software recovers all emails, contact list, calendar, notes, journals, personal information etc. The software also helps you to recover all your lost or corrupted mails from password protected profile. You can download the demo version of this software to recover all your lost and deleted data from Outlook. The software is compatible with all Outlook versions like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003 Outlook 2007 & Outlook 2010.

How can we recover Outlook profile

Outlook is an email client, which comes with Microsoft office. Outlook can manage multiple POP, IMAP, Exchange, MSN and hot mail accounts. This provides powerful filters and ways to organize, thread, label, and find messages. There are effective junk mail and phishing filters, which move unsolicited messages to “junk E- mail” folder automatically. Outlook has a search option, which allows you to find required mail or folder when you type the keyword related to the searching item. There are various Outlook versions like Microsoft Outlook 2000,2003,2007,2010.

When we configure Outlook for the first time we will be having only one profile, later on we can create multiple profiles according to the requirements. A profile of Outlook gives you information about email account that includes user name, display name, email server name and account password. It also gives you information about where the data is delivered and stored. In Outlook, data is stored in either email server or PST file. The data includes email messages, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, journals, search folders, and other settings.

There are many instances where Outlook data is lost due to various reasons like accidental deletion of Outlook profiles or PST file corruption.  In case if the profile get delete user cannot access his Outlook account. There are Outlook recovery tools which can recover profile from Outlook.

Let us discuss about few scenarios where users may lose their Outlook data due to Outlook profile deletion.

  • Accidental deletion: Most of the users face the problem of accidentally deleting their profiles and unable to access Outlook when required, which might leads to huge Outlook data loss due to deletion of Outlook profiles.
  • PST file corruption: Since Outlook uses a single PST file to store all the data and settings, corruption of which blocks the access of Outlook. Outlook PST file gets corrupt due to various reasons like virus attack, PST header file corruption, when PST file size exceeds its maximum size limit or improper shutdown of the system.
  •  Attributes of Outlook lost due to migration:  When you are migrating Outlook data from older version to newer version, in order to upgrade your Outlook, there are chances to PST file being corrupt.

There are few precautionary measures to impede data loss as you can take a regular backup of PST file data which will never let you to lose your important Outlook data. Apart from this Microsoft provides a default inbox repair tool i.e. scanpst.exe to fix damaged PST files. Since scanpst.exe is not a professional tool the chances of repair are very less. So it is better to use some advanced professional Outlook recovery software to recover deleted or lost Outlook profile.

One such efficient tool which is referred by industry experts is Remo Repair Outlook (PST). This tool facilitates you to recover deleted Outlook profiles and other Outlook data. The software can recover deleted profiles created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and it also repairs oversized Outlook PST files, recovers mails from emptied from deleted item folders and repair password protected PST files.

If you are looking for advanced Outlook recovery software, then download Remo Repair Outlook (PST).

Ways to recover Outlook contacts

MS Outlook is virtually the most popularly accepted email clients, which is widely used around the world by almost all computer users. The simplicity and ease at which emails can be send / received and host of other user-friendly characteristics makes Outlook a significant application for daily use.

Microsoft Outlook stores all the information like emails, contacts, calendar details, notes, tasks, etc, in a PST file, which is stored in the hard disk of your laptop or computer. This feature makes utilization of Outlook, safe, as all the electronic mails can be saved in your local computer, rather than being on a electronic network. However, there are probabilities for these emails or other Outlook information to be deleted or lost due to diverse reasons. Some of the most prominent reasons for Outlook data to be erased are accidental deletion of emails, accidentally emptying deleted items folder leading to permanent loss of emails, loss of emails due to corruption in PST file, etc.. There are numerous causes for a PST file to be damaged. Some of them are, corruption due to increase in storage capacity of electronic mails, suddenly closing outlook while sending receiving emails may cause corruption in the PST file, etc,.

Regardless of what the reason for loss of emails from Outlook be, PST recovery software can effortlessly recover accidentally deleted emails in Outlook. Along with performing email recovery in Outlook, the software is also capable of performing oversized PST recovery and restores all the lost information from it. The software is capable of repairing PST file from any complex file corruption scenarios and restores all the lost or deleted emails easily. The software has can recover outlook contacts and retrieve email messages, meeting requests, folders, calendar details, tasks, notes, RSS feeds and journals from a corrupted PST file. The supports retrieval of emails in plain text, RTF and HTML file formats. One the PST file is repaired, the software provides an option to save the file in a CD DVD or any other data storage medium.