An Advanced Way to Repair Oversize PST File

PST stands for personal storage table file, which is used in Microsoft Outlook application to store user data. Outlook PST file contains every information related to Outlook profile, emails and other attributes like contacts, journals, to – do tasks, calendar items, etc. PST file also used in other Microsoft client applications such as Microsoft exchange client. Microsoft Outlook is one of the popular email clients preferred by the people around the world. It can store emails and other Outlook items up to the maximum size of PST file used on it.

Earlier Outlook versions like Outlook 2000, 2002, have a PST file of size 2 GB. So, the user should need to store information within this limit. Suppose, this size limit is exceeded, the Outlook may go slow down its performance. You may not able to use Outlook further or to store any more data. Your Outlook will not work properly when the PST file reaches its limit so that you cannot open PST and store any more data on it. In order to overcome from such problem, you need to repair this oversized PST file. Outlook is not having any inbuilt tool to repair it, but you can do it, with the help of some third party applications such as Oversized PST Repair software.
Once the PST file reached to its maximum size, the advanced service pack will not allow you to store any more information on Outlook. However, if the PST file exceeded its large size, Outlook may become unable to perform functions like send / receive emails, add contacts, sending meeting requests, making notes, etc. Still, the Microsoft can provide external software to recover PST file which can bring your large PST file in its working state. But, after succeeding to recover PST file you may miss some Outlook items and which may loss permanently.

Under such critical situation, you can use Oversized PST Repair application. Before using any software, you should aware about Outlook version and operating system which you are using on your computer and make sure that this software is compatible or not. Suppose you have Outlook 2003 and it is not working properly because of the oversized PST file. Then you can use a PST repair software, to overcome from this critical situation. Thus, you can get PST repair software for any version of Outlook. One such tool which is able to repair PST file with any version of Outlook is Oversized PST Repair software.

Using this Oversized PST Repair software, you can fix all the errors related large size PST file. You can fix large PST file using this software on all versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc. It can retrieve all details from the PST file such as emails, attachments, etc. in their original format as it will not make changes in PST file information while recovering it. Even, you can use trial version of this software if you have any doubt regarding this software. The demo version of this software can allow you to view recovered items and to save them you have to make use of licensed version of this software.

Know How to Repair MS Outlook PST File

Microsoft Outlook use to manage a large amount of emails as it is one of the most popular email client. Microsoft Outlook has many properties like organizing mails, calendar, managing contacts, etc. Microsoft Outlook use to share information and data through internet connectivity. The mails use to store on hard disk as PST file. If somehow these PST file gets damaged or corrupt then it could get repaired by in-built repair tool i.e. scanpst.exe. This tool can even repair mildly damaged password protected file. The main drawback of this tool is, it may fail when PST file get corrupted due to power surge, abrupt shutdown of system, or exceed its size limit. In such cases, you need not have to worry because you can make use of perfect and efficient software i.e. Fix PST software and can fix Outlook PST file in few easy steps.

Some of the reasons that can cause corruption of PST file on any system are detailed as follows:

Virus Attack: Due to severe virus and malware attack, PST file may get inaccessible. You can prevent yourself by these threats by the means of updated antivirus software.

Improper Closing: Improper closing of Microsoft Outlook application may lead corruption of PST file. If somehow due to any software conflicts and other error message MS-Outlook encounters unexpected closing. In such cases, usually data gets corrupted.

Usage over Network: Making use of single PST file by several users over a network may lead to PST file corruption. Interruption while using PST file can occur due to either software conflicts or due to problem associated with network connection.

Improper Recovery: Sometime due to several reasons PST file gets deleted from system. These files get recovered by any recovery tool. If that particular third party software is not so reliable and powerful. It may results in damaging of data by not recovering the data properly.

Accidental Deletion: Some of the attributes of MS Outlook get deleted by mistakenly. If the deletion of file is done using simple delete command then it can be restored back from recycle bin, however, if the deletion is done using Shift + Delete command then it may lead to permanent loss of data from system.

To fix such problems there is a way out is implementation of Fix PST software which acts as repairing software of PST file in a very efficient and effective way. This software use to scans the damaged and corrupted PST file and create new PST file which contains all the characteristics of the old corrupted PST file. Fix PST software stores the recovered files as newly created PST file then import all the recovered contents to Outlook easily.

If Microsoft Outlook exceeds its size limit then you cannot be able to open your Outlook profile and it becomes inaccessible. In such situation, best way to repair PST file is using Fix PST software. It has a smart technique that is able to recover your data without any further modification to your original data. On the other hand, this software is widely used by industry professionals for its efficiency to restore Outlook contacts and all other Outlook items.

Fix PST software can recover calendar , contacts, appointments, meetings, tasks, notes etc from corrupt PST file. Due to this software, you can also retrieve password protected file. This software also used to repair PST file on different Windows platform including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc.


Best and Simple Way to Fix PST

Whether you use Outlook for personal purpose or business purpose corruption of your Outlook.pst file will make you irritating and put you at the center of a disaster. If you have found yourself in such type of situation then do not worry, here is a most widely used PST fixing tool named as Fix My PST software. It is first choice among the users of world wide. It can easily fix severely corrupted Outlook file in just a few clicks of mouse. This tool creates a new PST file from corrupted Outlook file in a format compatible with 2003-2010 versions of Outlook application.

Many reasons are there which could be responsible for corruption of PST file of an Outlook application. Some of those which are frequently occurring are as follows:

Sometimes when you wish to up-gradate your Outlook application to a new version then chances of corruption of PST file is very high due to incompatibility of imported old PST file. Such type of problem leads to corruption of Outlook files and you would not be able to use it further any more. Needless to say that you will be upset with this event but fortunately there exist very useful repair tools which can easily solve this kind of problem very easily.

One of the common and normally occurring problems which can make your PST file corrupt is CRC error. Sometimes, when you send your PST file over internet or other network then there is possibility that due to CRC error your original PST file get corrupts. When you try to open downloaded PST file then it refuses to open because of corruption. Now, this problem becomes terrible if your any very crucial email is in this file. To get rid of this problem there is only and only one possible way that is to make utilization of fix PST tool. It has got a very powerful and advance algorithm by making use of that it scans PST file and repair PST file errors with ease.

Sudden system shutdown resulting to abrupt termination of Outlook application is another possible way where you PST file may get corrupt. In this event chances are that you would not be able to use your PST file content unless you make use of a repair tool.

Some of the most exiting feature of this tool are mentioned below:

  • This tool can repair Outlook data corrupted due to any reasons and creates a healthy PST file from corrupted PST file.
  • You can search the location of PST file on your system if you are not aware of it.
  • Easily fix Outlook files which are password protected or compressed.
  • Once the repair process of PST file is over you can see the content of repaired PST file using the preview option of this tool.
  • It gives you two options for scanning the corrupted PST file based on their corruption level.
  • PST files which are corrupted due to virus or other malicious software can also be mend with the help of this tool.

Thus at any point of time if you find yourself in a situation where your PST file has been corrupted then just make use of this PST repair tool. This can easily fix any type of corruption problem very easily.

Keeping hold on attributes after data loss.

Client side tools basically used to give the user a feel and look of a messenger and work in offline and in online mode as well. The Outlook works on one basic concept and that is saving and retrieval of data from a file, At back end there is a file which is generally named as PST file and save all the data in it.

Not only PST file but OST also is used to save the data but some how these files get corrupted at the back having some reasons for data loss.

What happen next if you find that your PST file is corrupted?
PST file error often can be faced by the user but if need to get all your data back then you need to do the repairing of files. To fix Outlook PST you need some of the fixing tool which can facilitate you with the feature of repairing.

Many users nowadays using the new version of Outlook and that is 2007, and they are still not secure too from data loss as they have the same scenarios to save the data in PST files, so if in this version also if somebody is facing error than he/she needs to fix PST on Outlook 7.

Abrupt shutting down of an application can it do some harm and apart what else could be the reason for the loss?

Abrupt shutting the application of can lead you to problem as the saving of data in the file goes from some critical algorithms and if fails then there will be data loss and that’s for sure, apart if not the data loss then might be corruption of files could cause the disturbance.

Compressing of files:
Compressing of files to shift the file from one place to another and make it portable that can corrupt the file. So better to use some reliable tool so that chances of corruption may decrease.

Not keeping proper program to avoid the virus:

There are a number of malfunctioned programs which are programmed intentionally to corrupt your system which can enter from any external source so to avoid the entry of virus in the system you need to install proper antivirus in the system so that file can avoid the file corruption.

What if don’t have the restoring points or backups of your PST files of Outlook:
Restoring points and backups could prove to be the best option for recovering of data from files but if you don’t have this option left then it’s always recommended to follow the precautions which will definitely save you from corruption.

Even if the precautions are followed and still your attributes are missing then you can use the software download link to get all the data back to your pocket. But in this way there are conditions and recommendation that is to use the trial version of the software which can be downloaded from the internet.

Note: Better to follow the precautions rather than repairing of files option, that is because the process is not reliable all the time.