Download Repair mov Tool for Mac

I am using a Mac machine with 64 bit operating system .I tried to transfer one of my video file from my pc to flash drive but unfortunately when I tried to open the file it shows unsupported file format and the file is lost in my PC .I tried one of the recovery tool .It worked but the file is still in accessible .Is there any tool available to recover broken mov file in an easy way?

The MOV files get damaged because of various factors this include a faulty camcorder firmware. While capturing any video by using a camcorder or digital camera with faulty firmware the user can discover chance of file getting damaged and consequently not using the user video file. The MOV files buy corrupt because of bad ZIP archive helpful to compress it files in Mac devices. Whenever an individual unknowingly utilize a corrupt ZIP archive to compress a major MOV file in order to attach it having an email that isn’t disproved like a indisputable fact that MOV file gets damaged throughout the compression process. Offensively ejecting your data cable from the digicam or camcorder can provide a damaged MOV file.

Actually the MOV is extendable of QuickTime media player developed by Apple Inc which is a multimedia data format utilized to save video/movie files plus used widely in video sharing website pages. The recording files are editable and rewriting of whole codec in the MOV file isn’t needed. The MOV data format is significantly susceptible to corruption when compared with other media files formats. The cause of broken MOV files change from situation to situation. Reasons why like improper ejection of sd card as the user were transferring MOV files to PC, opening video file in other format even though the user video file is MOV extendable and improper alteration of file extension or by utilizing inappropriate third party application for altering file extension may lead to broken MOV files.

Considering that the repair tool uses only the copy with the damaged MOV file there won’t be any hazardous situation like losing it file further or video file deletion that could be possible in making use of some of the freeware tool .The consumer is now able to install the MOV repair utility on Mac OS X 10.5.8x and above versions including Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion OS and supports 64-bit version.

Reasons that support this tool efficiently are.

  • Ø Automatic way to fix MOV file on Mac OS X files
  • Ø Best tool to fix QuickTime MOV file that refuse to play
  • Ø Makes an easy task to fix video MOV file, damaged as a result of fault in imaging device firmware
  • Ø Best performer in retrieving the damaged MOV files than the others

Some of the instruction that must be followed because of the software to take care of the data

  • Ø Download the program over the link and install with the entire user Mac machine.
  • Ø Snap the repair file option in the primary window and also send the user to next windows.
  • Ø From the next windows select the file which must repair using the browse window.
  • Ø Select repair button below it.
  • Ø After repairing the software program raises the preview while using the entire repaired works that been done. Save the repaired file within the healthy location.

Those who are in need of it can receive the demo version from this point .Just the save option is disabled for the demo .Besides that everything works perfectly. If satisfied through the demo version go for the full version to savor rich output.

How to repair corrupted .MOV file?

MOV is a file format of video files. This file format is commonly is used for storing video clips of Quick Time multimedia format. This was created and marketed by Apple Inc. and these Apple devices are well known for the world of entertainment. .MOV file extension is the only multimedia file format widely used in many websites as it provides easy and fast streaming option for audio and videos over the internet.

This file format is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows operating system. But in order to play MOV file on Windows computer you require an additional plug-in. This .MOV file extension is widely used in many electronic gadgets like Digital cameras, Digital camcorders, iPhones, iPods, MacBook air laptops, computer etc. It is commonly used for editing and presenting video content as this supports different video codecs.

This video file format also allows you to integrate other video file extensions into a single MOV file. Even after having highly compatible features and best multimedia file extension, this MOV file also gets corrupted and result in data loss. The reason behind corruption differs but the ultimate result is same .i.e. Loss of important data.

Suppose you have purchased a new Digital camcorder and you captured video clips of your sister’s wedding ceremony which is more precious to you. Most of the digital camcorders store the recorded videos in .MOV file format. One fine day, you want to make a copy of those videos and send it your sister so you turned on your MacBook and connected your digital camcorder to it through USB port. You were transferring the particular MOV file from Digital camcorder to your MacBook but unknowingly you removed the USB without clicking proper exit option. Thus if the execution of the file gets interrupted between due to any reason file will be transferred incompletely and the.MOV file will get corrupted. Then you tried opening the file in your laptop but you were unable to access it and now you must be thinking how to repair your corrupted .MOV file? As these are very much precious and must be given to your sister.

The best answer for your question how can I repair a .MOV file? is Repair video file software. Now-a-days there are many repair tools available in vast online. One such tool is Repair MOV. This tool helps to repair the damaged or corrupted .MOV file.

There are some more data loss scenarios which you may come across in your future.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • If you switch off your Digital camcorder during read/write process when it is connected to computer, it may damage files on it.
  • MOV files also get corrupted due to bad ZIP archive used to compress the video files.
  • Sometimes MOV file stored on your MacBook laptop hard disk gets damage due to attack of virus.
  • Opening MOV file by unsupportable player then the file header of your MOV file gets damaged.
  • Improper plugging of memory card might result in damaging the MOV files stored in it.
  • Abrupt removal of data cable of your digital camera from the computer may also result in a damaged MOV file.
  • Using faulty camcorder with a firmware to capture videos and pictures, lead to corruption of your .MOV file.

Whatever may be the reason for corruption of MOV file? You can fix the corrupted .MOV file format with the help of MOV repair tool. This tool also makes MOV video repair on Mac OS X, 10.5 x and higher version possible.

This tool allows you to repair your corrupted or damaged .MOV files along with other file formats easily. It helps to fix MOV file of any size and even highly encrypted files on Mac OS. This application repairs broken/corrupted MOV, MP4 video files using an automated process. It also helps to fix MOV file on MacBook laptops during saving or transferring files of your laptop suddenly reboots resulting in file corruption. This software only takes the copy of the damaged MOV file and repairs it to make new MOV file and this ensures that your original damaged MOV file remains intact. During the repair process it separates the audio and video data streams, repair both the files simultaneously and later create a playable video file.

This software is designed to fix unplayable MOV file on QUICK time player on Mac systems.

Download the trial version of the repair MOV utility and install it on hard disk of your computer. Run the application and click on “open” to select the desired MOV file to be repaired and now click on “Repair” button to proceed. Once the process is completed click on “Preview repaired file” to preview the repaired file. If you’re satisfied with the results then you can buy the full version of the tool from internet and click on “Save Repaired file” to save your repaired file.