Tool to Unformat CF Card on Mac

Since six months I have been using Compact Flash card on my digital camera to capture and store pictures when I go for a weekend trip. I had no issues with my CF card from past six months and I had stored over more than thousand pictures and some video clips in it. But, yesterday evening I thought of formatting my Mac Volume of my Macintosh computer and I accidentally selected CF card for format instead of Mac Volume. Unfortunately, it happened before copying the files from CF card to my Mac machine. Now how can I recover all those lost picture and video files from my CF card? Please can anyone help me out as soon possible? Anybody’s help will be very highly appreciated. Thank you…….!

Well, don’t worry; you can recover all those lost files from your CF card very easily with the help of some powerful and trusted tool. Unformat Data is one such trusted and prominent application to unformat your CF card very quickly in few simple steps. This tool is well equipped with strong scanning algorithms which helps in scanning the CF card and unformatting data on it. It comes out with free demo version using which you can check the performance of this product. Once you satisfied with the outcome result of demo version you can go for licensed version of the tool and unformat data from CF card very easily with the assistance of only few mouse clicks on your Mac machine. Let us know the scenarios wherein you might lose your data from your CF card before going to the features of Undelete Data software.

Various scenarios which lead to data loss due to format of CF card are:-

1. Accidentally choosing your CF card instead of other Mac Volume for formatting on your Mac system will cause deletion of data from CF card
2. Severe virus infection to your CF card will enforce you to format it. If you format your CF card without taking the backup of all the files saved in it then, it will result in data loss
3. If the file system of your CF card will get corrupt then it will enforce you to upgrade the file system of the CF card. Changing the file system of your CF card without backup of files stored in it then, it will lead to deletion of data from CF card
4. Overloading your CF card with some more data even after its memory is full will result in data loss from the CF card. This makes your CF card corrupt due to which you go for formatting the CF card which in turn results in data loss

In all the above scenarios one can make use of Unformat Data software on the Mac computer to recover formatted CF card on Mac very easily. It takes only few seconds and only few mouse clicks to unformat deleted data from Compact Flash Cards. It is very safe and secure tool as it can recover all the deleted data without causing any alterations to the original data. The recovered files using this tool can be compressed in zip archive in order to save disk space. This software comes out with unique features.

Unique features of Unformat Data software:

Unformat Data tool has the capability to recover over more than three hundred file types which includes PowerPoint files, Word documents, PSD files, spread sheets, Excel sheets, image files, music files, video files, MOV files and many more file types. It supports data recovery from CF cards on all the latest versions of Mac operating systems like Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard and many more. It supports recovery of formatted CF cards on HFS, HFS +, NTFS 5 formatted Mac Volumes. Unformat Data tool also supports recovery from formatted CF cards on different hard drive interfaces of Mac computer like SCSI, IDE, PATA and SATA. The recovered data can even be saved in other portable data storage media like DVD, CD, external hard disk, pen drive, SD card, memory card, MMC card etc.

Unformat Data is completely free from virus and malwares as it is digitally signed and verified. It is very effective in terms of both performance wise and cost wise as it is available at very reasonable price to the customers. It requires nominal free disk space of only 50 MB space for installation. Unformat Data software provides simple user interface so that even a new user can handle this tool without any difficulty. It comes out with free demo version, wherein you can be able to view all the recovered files using “Preview” option. It provides complete customer support at any time in free of cost. Unformat Data is very robust software. It even supports data recovery from formatted pen drives, external hard drives, SD cards, MMC cards, memory cards and many more.

Note: It is always a good idea to have two to three copies of files saved in your CF card in order to avoid data loss due to any scenario.