Guidelines on How to Recover Deleted USB Files

“Hello there, Could someone help me out how to recover my media files that got lost from my USB flash drive? Recently, I connected my USB flash on to my computer to transfer some files. After sometime, I thought of formatting my Pen Drive thinking that I have backed up all the data from it and I formatted it. Immediately after erasing it I realized that I had not maintained proper back up of one of my media file. This is making me worried a lot. Can anyone help out to recover deleted USB files and to sort out this problem effectively? Thanks”

Some of the Major Trouble Makers of Data Loss on USB Storage Devices:

  • Inappropriate Removal: For an instance, if you are transferring files from your USB external storage devices to a computer using (Cut + Paste) option. All of the sudden, if you pull out the USB drive abruptly from the PC, the transfer process get interfered and stops. As the result of this you may loss data from the USB storage device.
  • Unintentional Deletion: Files / data that got deleted from external storage devices will not be stored under temporary folder (Recycle Bin / Trash). Under such cases, if you delete any file from your USB storage devices it may result you in permanent loss of those deleted file.
  • Accidental Formatting: Sometime, if you may accidental format your USB hard drive / flash drive without initiating a proper backup. This may result in data loss of USB external storage devices.
  • Other Factors: Reasons like file system corruption, software clash, hardware failure, Bad sector, etc. may also end up in data loss from USB devices.

Steps to Avoid Data Loss on USB Storage Devices:

  • Stop using the USB external storage immediately. If you notice data loss from it.
  • Always practice the habit of back up the data of your USB devices before formatting it.
  • Never interrupt or pull out the USB flash drive from its source during its read/ write operation.

Inspite of  all these  precaution measures taken, if you still found that files had gone missing or deleted from your USB external storage device, simple don’t get tensed or worried. Cause there is a wonderful tool to recover deleted USB files named as “Undelete USB” utility, which will help you out in rescuing USB files, irrespective the data deletion / loss scenarios.

Characteristics of This Application:

It easy to recuperate lost / deleted data from USB storage drive using this Recovery USB tool. It is specialized with an in-built special technology that helps to scan and get back the entire USB drive data effectively. The specialty of this program is, it can manage data retrieval from USB without altering its original content in file that is present on the storage devices. This undelete files USB rescue software is a specially designed to identify and recover more that 280+ types of files with their unique file signatures including archives, zip archives, spread sheets, documents, media files so on. Moreover, it also supports retrieving data from USB external drives having various file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFS+ and HFSX. This application recovers files from various types of external storage device such as Pen Drive, USB flash drive, portable hard disk, memory cards etc.

Quick Way to Recover Deleted Files from USB Drive

Have you accidentally deleted files from your Western Digital USB hard drive? Well, if the replay is positive, don’t be fear. Those deleted files can be retrieving back even if you can’t restore them with the help of an appropriate backup. If you don’t have backup then you can use third party application to recover lost or deleted files. Western Digital USB drives are one of the most popular devices which provide easy and convenient way to transport data. You can store your photos, songs and other important data in tiny device. With all these benefits, USB HDD has its own limitations. They may get damaged or corrupted which leads to loss of data and many other reasons. If you delete your file from USB drive that doesn’t mean it is completely deleting but the pointer pointing to that file is deleted instead of the place which is taken by old data is now freed up and listed as available re-usable space. However the old file is not fully deleted until it’s overwritten with new file.

Now you are thinking is there any way to restore those deleted files?  Don’t be anxious, there is good recovery software to retrieve deleted files from USB drive but you must act fast once file gets deleted. Luckily, there are various types of software which are available in market to recover USB hard drives. Most of the software are simple, easy and in expensive. USB Recovery tool is one of the popular software which has an excellent feature through which it scans particular file from file structure but directory of USB drive based on file name, file structure and data of data of creation, After this, it shows files that can be recovered. Perhaps, files which you lost or deleted accidentally, will be on the list. You can then choose the files you wish to restore, and the software will restore them either on another media or on a storage device for easy accessibility.
Following are some the causes to delete files from USB hard disk drives

  • Accidental format: Sometimes USB drive might get damaged due to improper plug and play procedure i.e. removing USB drive from computer or laptop when there is a read or write process in progress. In order to use such corrupted USB drives further, it needs to be formatted. In case if the damaged USB drive has any of your important files which are not yet backed up, then chances of losing data are pretty more.
  • There are some other instances like extensive rough use of USB HDD, virus attack, file system error, etc. might also result in severe data loss.

No matter how you lost files from USB drive, USB Recovery Tool can easily retrieve files in a few simple mouse clicks. It has an inbuilt find option which helps you to search any particular file from the list of recovered files on the basis of various file attributes like file name, file size, extension and date of file creation. Furthermore, this tool supports external hard recovery on Mac and Windows computers. Overall, USB Recovery Tool can simply recover data from corrupt, damaged, inaccessible, formatted, or reformatted USB hard drives. For more info click here

Most effective way to retrieve files from USB thumb drive

Thumb drive is probably the popularly used USB drives throughout the globe. It is possible to transfer data between PC and laptops. It provides large space for storage and occupies small area in order to carry information anywhere you desire. Even though with these advantages also sometimes, you might lose your valuable information as a result of various reasons like corruption of USB drive, formatting from the USB drive and much more . To get over such situations, you may need powerful USB recovery tool w which may recover all kinds of files from your pen drive. USB thumb drive recovery is certainly one such tool which could effectively restore deleted or lost data from pen drive with no difficulty.

This tool is among best software to recover files from USB drive in comparison with other software. It’s developed by best industrial experts to bring back data from USB thumb drive effectively which is also a top rated tool. You are able to restore data from pen drives of various brands like Transcend, Kingston, HP, SanDisk, Corsair, Sony, Moser Bear, Lexar, and Samsung etc by utilizing this reliable software. It’s compactable with both Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP etc and Mac operating-system like Lion, Snow Leopard, Mountain lion, Leopard etc.

Causes behind loss of data in USB thumb drive:

Sometimes pen drive gets corrupted or damaged because of frequent power fluctuation, improper plug and play procedure example removing of USB thumb drive from your PC or laptop in the file transfer process. In this circumstance there is certainly chance of corruption of USB drive, to get over such situation you could possibly format your pen drive. However, as soon as you format your thumb drive all of the data contained in the drive is going to be erased completely.

Occasionally when you connect your pen drive on your PC or laptop, you might encounter error message like “Corrupt Memory Card”, “F:\ isn’t accessible”, “SD card not formatted” etc. These error messages are closely related to file system corruption in the USB drive and also this message will provoke you to definitely format your USB drive in case you format it. Then all of the files contained in them is going to be deleted directly from the thumb drive.

In addition to this are several more reasons for example massive rough utilization of USB thumb drive in a variety of gadgets like Mobile phone, cameras, camcorders etc, virus infection, and much more may also lead to data loss. In scenarios like this you possibly can make usage of this unique recovery tool to get back data from USB thumb drive efficiently. Follow this link:  to find out the actual procedure the way to recover files from USB thumb drive.

Popular features of USB thumb drive recovery tool:

  • It supports recovery of information from various storage devices like hard disk , FireWire drive etc effectively.
  • This software can recovery all almost all kinds of picture file like, TIF, PNG, JPEG, JPG, TIFF GIF, PSD, BMP, CR2, NEF, ARW etc.
  • It is facilitated with powerful search mechanism which assists in recognizing and recovering the deleted or lost files from pen drive.
  • It can restore files from FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, HFSX, HFS+ etc partitions.
  • It can certainly recover videos, audio tracks, txt documents etc from the pen drive along with other storage devices.

Recover and restore data from USB hard disk

Earlier days most used external devices are Floppy disks and CD-ROMs. These devices are mainly intended for storage and data or information transfer. These external devices usage is decreases as a result of introduction of USB hard disks, memory cards and pen drives etc. The USB hard disks are external information storage devices, integrated with Hardware interface. These units are widely-used to transfer wide range of data in one system to other. USB hard disks are portable, rewritable and large storage capacity devices. And you’ll be able to carry any place. Though the inbuilt computer hard drives can’t use for this purpose. Hard drives are intended to store large amount of system data.

USB hard disk drive is primarily depends on flash memory technology, thus it can also referred to as a flash device. You can find flash drives of different companies available in market like: HP, Sony, Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston etc. USB hard disks use the USB mass storage standard, that’s supported natively by all versions of Operating Systems such as Linux, Windows and Mac etc.

Probably the most frequently occurring malfunctioning is connecting a USB hard disk to a system or vise-versa and hitting it by accident creating the port of the gadget for being twisted. You must take care while using the flash drives and insert it properly in the specified slots as a way to transfer or get the data to/from the systems. You can refer USB hard disk data after its malfunctioning also through tool called USB hard drive recovery software.

There are other reasons to corruption of USB hard disk:

  • File system Conversion: When there is an error inside the procedure of converting the file system of the particular file, there can huge file loss on your own system’s partition and also from external drive. Sometimes user efforts to alter the file form of a selected file like from NTFS to FAT or vice-versa and even sometimes from NTFS to HFS, without getting conscious of the specific conversion procedure.
  • Corrupt external drive: Additionally it is feasible that your USB drive gets corrupted as a result of excessive exposure to unauthenticated third application tool. Leads to lose of data.
  • Improper Ejection: In the event you improperly remove the USB device during transferring the files from computer or vice-versa might result into huge loss of data as well as deletion of files too.
  • Synchronization error: Improper synchronization method might also leave your external storage medium dead or corrupted.

USB hard disk data recovery software is most utilized to recovery data from dead USB computer drives. It’s going to recover advanced features to recover hard disk drive also. It will recover corrupted, formatted, and cashed drives effectively. This utility can be used to retrieve data from hard disks like SATA, IDE, SCSI etc. and flash drives SD, XD, MMC and memory sticks etc.

You can also able to download the demo sort of this program for free of cost, to look for the recovery results. In the event you pleased with the previewed results, you can bye this software to restore previewed results.

Unformat the USB drive

Are you thinking to unformat USB drive or any other storage device? You are thinking nothing wrong as this is possible way to get the lost data. USB drive a very often-used storage device to keep the data safe. Due to its portability and compatibility  feature the USB drive is very famous amongst youngsters, IT users etc. USB drive is the portable drive used to keep the data. However, there are few drawbacks of this device as every storage device has.

Whenever you are deleting some data from USB drive either by delete button or using shift delete button it just skips the storage device storage. So if accidentally deleted the files from USB or format the system unfortunately then you will face the data loss.

Recover formatted data or the data loss from common loss scenarios is possible. Industries experts have reviewed this fact and recommended the recovery software to recover the data. Recovery software can unformat the data lost from any loss scenarios or medium.

Let us see, what all recovery could be made, also what thing has to be followed and what not to do:

  • File handling:  It is always recommended that whenever you think about formatting the disk or cleaning the data better to make strong and updated backups of the files. Whatever the condition is backup must be made and updating of that backup has to be done time to time. If in certain instances you forget to take the backup then there will be loss files and that too in great quantity.
  • Different device recovery: You all know what importance the media files have. Photos, videos, audios are all part of media files. If you want to save these files then you need to follow few precautions that can avoid the loss. Often memory cards, USB drive, external hard disk gets corrupt due to various reasons like virus attack, malfunctioned program attack, infection caused due to infected device insertion, improper plugging procedure etc. When at the end files are corrupted then it need to format and result in loss of files if format is done unplanned.

Numbers of such scenarios are there which often results in loss of data but can be avoided. In case if you are facing such problem then you need a help of recovery software. One of the best recovery software download link is mentioned here. You can download  the software install it in the system and after following few steps you will be able to do complete recovery from USB drive.

The installation of the software will provide you the feature of recovery. Select the option from main window to recover the device you want to recover. When you select the option then the software will ask for few more options like which files you want to select or which partition you want to unformat. Select the desired thing and software will give a deep scan to your hard disk and will extract all the data from the hard disk. You will be asked to save the session, save the session this will help you to do recovery later at anytime you want.