Data Recovery from Mavericks Trash

“I had media files in my personal computer, and the memory space was almost full and I needed to add new data in my system. So considered making space for the new data, I deleted the data which were not important and but in the process of deletion even my important files were being moved to Trash. Which I had been not aware of; after deletion I emptied the trash and the files were erased. So now I’ve realized that there were some files which were important. So is there any way I can get the data back?”

The data as soon as deleted is inaccessible to the user, but fortunately the data can be recovered even after emptying Trash. The data still consumes the space in memory. But let’s first discuss the possible reason behind data loss Mavericks.

Potential reason behind data loss in Mavericks trash:

  • The files in the trash may end up being valuable and files may have got into the Trash bin by mistake, but once the files are emptied from your trash they are lost permanently. The user may realize that the data emptied from trash were significant and regret later for emptying the trash bin.
  • Sometimes the user may directly use the combination of “Shift + Command + Delete” which deletes the files without the files moving in trash bin. The combination could possibly be helpful for the deletion process to be faster, but you may be made to pay the price if the data deleted were crucial to you.
  • Also there are certain third party software tools which empty the trash without any formal notification.

Avoid data loss Mavericks trash:

  • It is good practice to look at Trash, to look for important files prior to emptying it or else there will be loss of useful data.
  • As a piece of advice when you use the combination of “Shift + Command+ Delete” you should be sure that the files you are deleting are no longer required.
  • Don’t opt for unreliable third party software, because numerous of softwares tend to clear the trash without the permission of the user. So always prefer certified software product for data safety measures.

Even after emptying of trash bin the data is recoverable, the reason for recoverable becoming achievable is that data is never deleted it is only made inaccessible and the files still consumes memory in the hard drive. So the data is in the hard drive unless it is overwritten by new data. So for recovery to be possible the data shouldn’t be overwritten and also don’t install any kind of data recovery software to avoid overwriting of data files. If you still disregard the facts to prevent data loss and lose your files by accidental deletion, even then the data is recoverable using the recoverable tools.

There are different recoverable tools available, but I would recommend the Mac Trash Recovery software. It’s highly reliable tool, which helps in data recovery in simple steps and you can restore data from Mavericks Trash supported by HFS+ and HFSX volumes with ease. It also supports various version of Mac OS X like Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, etc with great ease.


  • Perform recovery of data after emptying from Mavericks trash with utmost simplicity.
  • Data recovered upon basis of signatures.
  • Preview choice to view the recovered data before restoring to memory.
  • Data can be sorted on the basis of file name, file extension, file creation date, file size etc.
  • Data recovery for Mac based HFS+ and HFSX volumes.