Easiest Process to Perform Zip Achieve Repair

The Zip file format is mainly used for compressing or reducing the size of actual file. It is most commonly used and popular file format to reduce the size of file while sending files through internet and it is most useful while taking back up of our important files. There are two main reasons to use a zip file format, one is compressing and other one is to protect a file from external interrupts such as viruses, malware functions, etc.

The zip file generally uses the file extensions .zip or .zipx and it contains one or more files that have been compressed. Each file is stored separately, and it allows different files in the same archive to be compressed using different methods. ZIP archive is compressed separately, and it is possible to extract them, or add another one to archive a file.

After completion of file archiving it shows on particular directory. This identifies what files are in the .ZIP and identifies where the .ZIP file is located. The zip archive includes some extra data that is not related to the .ZIP archive. If we want to work or operate on particular zip file we have to unzip it first, then only we can works on that file. The .zip format uses a 32-bit or 64 bit CRC (Cyclic redundancy check) algorithm and provides greater protection against data loss.

What makes your ZIP archives corrupted or inaccessible?

There are several reasons that can cause zip file corruption, once it gets corrupted or damaged, and then a zip file is inaccessible to user. Here, some common reasons for zip file corruption such as the archive is damaged or corrupted due to some bad sectors in hard disk, the zipped or compressed file or folder is invalid, bad CRC (cyclic redundancy check) or CRC errors, unknown compression method, data gets damaged while downloading a zip file from internet, etc. In all these cases, we are not able to extract files correctly. Zip repair can be done by using different software that will provide different features to repair zip archive.

Solution to fix Zip archives!

To overcome all these zip file corruption issues, we can use the software called Repair Zip. Here are some specific features of this utility, which help you throughout the repair process. It comes with a user-friendly wizard where any user can carry Zip archive repair in minimum efforts. Lets’ look at few useful features provided with this tool:

  • It’s a read-only utility that can repair badly corrupted and damaged zip files after CRC error, download error, virus attack, header corruption and many other reasons.
  • The software repairs all type of zip and zipx files and also for large zip files.
  • Also it repairs password protected zip files
  • While fixing Zip archive, it doesn’t modifies any information saved within compressed archive.
  • Works efficiently on all the latest Windows OS based PC and laptop.

 Simple steps that we can repair the zip achieve files:

  • Download free trial version of this tool from repair-zip.net and install it on your Windows system.
  • After that browse and select your appropriate zip or zipx files by pressing the “browse” button which is in the software main screen.
  • And then select the “Repair” button to start zip repair process.
  • Software starts scanning process to scan the zip files. After completion of scanning process you will get a list of files or folders from the compressed archive.
  • By clicking “next” we need to select desired folder where you want to save the repaired zip file.
  • If you are satisfied with the result, then click on save button to store the repaired files.