Easy Way to Recover Data from Quick Formatted Hard Drive

Hard drive is the secondary storage device of a computer, that stores program files and user’s files in the computer. Hard drives are robust,reliable and can be used for many years. There are various external hard drives available in the market which can be used to backup crucial data and to expand their total amount of space.

While coming to the formatting of your hard drive, you are having two methods format and quick format. The quick format method is a quick process, it will erase only the entries of the data and will not fix the bad sectors present on your hard drive. On other hand Formatting is a time taking process, it will erase data and also scan the bad sectors present on the hard drive and fix them.

When you formatted your hard drive by using quick format option, it will clears all the entries of the data but the actual data remains un-erased until they are overwritten. To recover the deleted or lost data, it is recommended to use a efficient software named Hard Drive Recovery software.  This software will helps you to perform the data recovery from quick formatted drive with ease.

How data may get deleted or lost from your hard drive?

Re-installing Operating System: When you are re-installing operating system with a new one OS. You have to perform quick format operation on your system hard drive, that will clears all the data present in your hard drive

By Virus Attack: Due to virus attack, it will creates many unwanted malicious files  and will corrupt the files system of your hard drive which will slow down performance of your computer. For improving performance of the system you may perform quick format of hard drive which leads to data loss.

By Improper Shutdown: Without proper termination of applications, or improperly shutting down of computer while background applications are running may leads to system hard drive format or the hard drive may get corrupted and the entire data present in it gets loss.

While File System Conversion: While converting from one file system to another file system, your hard drive should be quick formatted at that time you will lose the data. Before file conversion it is advisable to have a backup of file system from which you can restore its state

Main features in  Hard Drive Recovery:

  • Hard Drive Recovery is a specially designed software, it will scan the entire hard drive and recovers all the lost or deleted data.
  • It supports to recover data from FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS partitions.
  • Recovered data is sorted on the basis of name, size, file format etc.
  • Find tool is useful to find data by name,size, time, date etc.
  • Save recovery session feature is available, once the hard drive is completely scanned and files are recovered you can save that session, further use we no need to scan again by using reload recovery session.
  • Preview the recovered files prior to restoring them.
  • To save the recovered data purchase the Hard Drive Recovery software(full version).