Effective Software to Recover Deleted Files

A computer file is source or medium where information is stored digitally. Files are like container which contains different data or info. There are numerous types of files like text files, Word files, media files etc. Different types of storage devices like memory card, hard disk, cd/dvd etc. are used to store files. Files are highly reliable source as it is available to different programs for process. Files can be modified or transferred from one device to another etc.

Different ways how files are vanished from your hard drive?

The most painful thing to bear is that suddenly when you find that your files are vanished. Well, let’s discuss some instance on how you could have lost your file:

  • When you unintentionally press shift+delete key you may lose your file in just a sec or you have emptied your recycle bin. This two case are the most common case.
  • Virus modifies your files by modifying the information stored in the file. This could force your security system to delete your infected files.
  • If the transfer process is obstructed due to power failure, sudden removal of hard drive, lose connectivity etc. then also you could lose your files.
  • Most people make one common mistake, like removing their pen directly. If you remove any device in safe mode you are less likely to lose any files.
  • Storage devices with Bad Sector problem and other manufacturing defects could also be responsible of your lost files.

How to recover deleted file?

Many times people complain that suddenly they find out that all of their files are lost or accidently deleted. In companies, schools, people stores all their sensitive information in files like word file, .ppt files etc. Actually everybody who uses a system will usually keep the information in soft copy rather than in some notebook or diary. Let’s say some day, you find out that you have lost all your sensitive information. Well in that case you are in a state of dilemma of what you will do next? You might be wondering how to get back those files. Recovering deleted files could become a very hectic work for you. But recovering deleted files could become so much easier if you have a backup of your files. But if you don’t have a backup, then how you will restore those deleted files? There are many recovery software available in the internet but recovering deleted files needs a perfect software. Deleted file recovery can be easily carried out by a File Recovery Software. The following properties make this software a great tool:

  • It has great UI (user interface).
  • This software can recover files from different device including memory cards, portable hard disk, fire wire drives etc. it supports different brands of cards like Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk, Toshiba, Strontium etc.
  • The File Recovery Software is compatible with different versions of Windows.
  • To recover files which are inaccessible in XD card you can try XD card error recovery software which will help you to restore all files.
  • To restore photos from the XD card you could go for XD card recovery software.

Different measures to prevent  losing files:

  • To prevent your files from losing always keep a backup of your files. Backing up of files will not only recover the files but also it will save your precious time.
  • Always Scan your system with a good antivirus and kick out the various threats which are infecting the files.
  • Try to Increase the size of the recycle bin so that if you delete any large files it will not bypass it.
  • Always use a UPS for your desktop so that if power goes off your system will not shutdown abruptly and you will be able to save your data.