Finest tool to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive

Suppose you are working on your PC with Windows OS. But suddenly your computer turned off due to continuous power variation. Later when you switched on your PC you were unable to access the data present on your hard drive due to corruption. In order to access that hard disk partition you need to format it. But unaware of the fact that formatting the partition will erase all the important data stored on that particular partition you formatted your corrupted hard drive partition. After formatting you were successful in opening the drive but the stored data do not exist. This must be the most frustrating situation because the data was very much important to you.

Now you must be looking forward to recover the significant data from formatted Windows drive. It is advisable go for some powerful data recovery tool like Unformat Windows software which can recover the entire data stored on that formatted Windows partition. Apart from above mentioned scenario there are few more data loss situations which you may face in your future.

Causes of Losing Data behind Formatting Drive:

Accidentally Format: Unintentionally formatting the Windows partition may result in loss of data. For example: When the user is trying to format E: drive user may select C: drive.

Speed up Computer Performance: There are situations where formatting is done to speed up performance of your system, if it is done without taking proper backup of valuable data then you may severe loss of data from hard drive.

To Avoid Format Errors: During system start up or while running any third party software, you may come across some of the errors like “Disk: is not formatted, want to format it now?”, “unidentified file system, format now” and you are forced to format your system to get rid of these errors.

Malware Attacks: Virus infection usually corrupts the file system of your computer and it does not allowing to access data stored on the partition, so you formatted the drive to use the data which resulted in data loss from Windows hard drive.

Multiple OS Installation: When you install multiple operating systems on the same Windows partition, you may unknowingly format the wrong partition. This may cause data loss from the partition containing significant data.

If you come across any of the data loss situation then do not panic, as the data saved on the drive is not deleted actually. After losing the data from formatted hard drive you should not use formatted partition to store new data as this will overwrite the old data and thus making data recovery impossible. There are many third party data recovery tools which are now made available in the market. One such efficient data recovery software is Unformat Windows software which allows you to recover data from Windows drive partition with ease.

  • By using this tool you can easily restore data lost from formatted, reformatted, partitioned and even from corrupted or deleted partitions from hard drive interfaces like SATA, SCSI and IDE.
  • It can retrieve files from formatted external hard drives, USB drives, flash memory cards, iPods etc.
  • This software has an ability to identify and restore various types of files like text files, photos, video clips, audio files, RAW images and other file types based on their unique file signature search from formatted partitions.
  • It also helps you to restore data from quick formatted hard disk on XP, Vista, and Windows 7 OS.
  • This tool performs data recovery from FAT, NTFS, and EXFAT formatted hard drive easily.