How to Open External Hard Drive Without Formatting on Windows 10?

Once or a while, you might have come across a situation where the external hard drive becomes inaccessible and shows some message like “drive need to be formatted” on your Windows 10 operating system. This might happen due to several causes.

If your external hard drive is not recognized and when you perceive such kind of error pop-ups on your Windows 10, you will be losing the data permanently on formatting the disk as per notification. So you may spare a second thought for how to open extrenal hard drive without formatting on Windows 10.   

The external hard drive might fail to recognize on Windows 10 and the data saved on the disk becomes inaccessible to read or write operation, this gonna happen!!! due to improper handling of external disk drive that become RAW leading to inaccessibility. The infected file system due to virus will also leads to drive inaccessibility scenario. However, one can swiftly recover data from external hard drive without formatting.

Yes…!! Here is a way;

If external hard drive turns into inaccessible, no need to worry!! External Disk Recovery Tool is a robust software which provides a step by step guidance for how to open external hard drive without formatting on Windows 10. This toolkit has an ability to scan inaccessible external hard drive indeed and to recover every tad of information from it in a hassle free manner. One can easily access the data without formatting the external drive with the help of this recovery toolkit. This application can be used to access the external drives which are damaged or virally infected. Irrespective of any file system such as FAT, EXFAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, etc. you can get back data from external hard disk drive without formatting on windows 10 without any level of complexity.

External Disk Recovery Software works on try first and buy later principle: where the computer users can download and install the software with absolutely free and can perform the recovery process by moving ahead few simple steps along with the software. The users will be guided with step by step procedural instruction in order to achieve successful recovery session. On successful completion of recovery process, one can easily access the drive and can preview the recovered data. If you are satisfied with the recovery session, purchase the software to save the restored data on destination. This toolkit has an option to store the retrieved external hard drive data in CD/DVD or other media storage device in a Zip format.

A few simple recovery steps, restores data from external drive without formatting. This toolkit works with MS Windows 10 system including other various versions as well as on different Mac operating system