How to Recover Data from Formatted USB Hard drive

USB hard drive is portable in nature in terms of carry and store a large amount of data from one place to another. All most all people choose this USB hard drive particularly when they need to have huge assortment of their favored videos, music, important files for example. Sometimes user may format their external hard disks in order to erase data existing on HDD. No matter what the cause, formatting will totally deletes data present on that drive. In such cases, if you would not have backup of data through your USB hard disk you then are in a huge mess mainly when data stored on external HDD is significant to you. Nonetheless, from now onwards, keep all your own worries aside since formatted USB hard disk recovery is get rid of difficult task. Recover Formatted software has made data recovery easier than in the past. It can retrieve files from formatted USB disk drive in few simple mouse clicks.

External hard drive has been favored by most of the users whenever data ought to be moved from one system to an alternative. Sometimes when user may connect your hard drive to PC or on account of errors with file system or a few unknown errors, it prompts you that do you want to format. In case should you hit on file format option purposely, then entire data present on that USB hard drive will be washed away within a fraction of minute. Sometimes when people connect USB drive generate to virus-infected system, USB drive also gets corrupt or damaged on account of harmful virus attack. Therefore, in order to access such drives, you need to use format option to format the external drive, suppose if you don’t have backup of files then take copy of that corrupted USB drive, In case if you have not taken copy from corrupt or damaged external drive, severe loss of data may occur. In addition, the cases including abrupt ejection of USB hard drive, sudden system shutdown, extensive rough use of HDD, technical errors etc. can also bring about formatting of hard drive disk thereby you will lose files through that storage drive.

In order to prevent loss of essential files and version from USB drive due to unintended formatting or another reasons, it’s better to get backup so that backup could save you from severe reduction. Moreover, make sure that antivirus has been installed on my computer where you connect USB hard drive.

It does not matter how you have lost files, the final result will probably be loss of your own essential files. If you have lost data through external hard drive on account of formatting and thoughtful how to rescue data then Recover Formatted is the greatest appropriate utility to suit your needs. It has designed with various advanced features to help you use this device to retrieve data from various brands of USB hard disks including Western A digital, Buffalo, Iomega, and Seagate for example. Moreover, this app also restores data from memory cards, flash drives, FireWire hard drives, pen drives for example. To know the full process of data recovery from formatted drive experience this URL