How to Recover Data from SD Card

“I have an SD card that was formatted accidentally on my phone last night. I had over 2000 photos and songs on it and I would like to recover all of it back. Is there a way to recover data from SD card in a way that will retrieve each and every lost file from it?”

You can certainly recover data from SD card regardless of what caused the data from your SD card to go missing. All it takes is a SD card data recovery software which will run through your SD card and will retrieve all the data that was lost from it.

In this following video you will see how to recover data from SD card by making use of a SD card recovery software.

SD cards used in your phone, cameras and on other media devices usually save photos or songs. These multimedia files can sometimes act quite strangely and might end up missing from your SD card. To prevent such situations, a few users prefer to carry a backup for all their data that is present on their SD card. SD cards themselves are prone to lose user data off it so having data in terms of GB’s saved onto a SD card can be highly dangerous if the data has no backup created by the user.

As stated before, SD cards are highly prone to errors so your data is continuously under threat and might go missing from the SD card at any moment. This lost data can be restored if you have a backup, however, you can now also recover SD card data by making use of SD card data recovery software on your computer. Whenever you end up losing all the data off your SD card, the first thing you need to do is recover the same using a SD card recovery tool. The data lost from your SD card can have thousands of different files which can be of varying file sizes. While recovering the data from an SD card, the user might prefer an SD card recovery software that would recover each and every file off it without fail. One such recovery software is the one used in the tutorial video above that has the ability to recover SD card data regardless of what made the data to be lost.

An SD card recovery software must be able to support and recover data from SD cards of all brands as well. it must also support SD cards of all storage sizes and at the same time it should never crash during the recovery process. All the features come in the above used SD card recovery tool that guarantees a full recovery of all the data from your SD card.

Whenever you delete or end up losing data from your SD card, you can once again recover the same only if the lost/deleted data wasn’t overwritten in the memory of your SD card after the data loss. after data loss, you need to put your SD card away from all uses so that the lost data will never be overwritten and can easily be recovered back using a SD card recovery software as shown above. However, when your data gets overwritten, you cannot recover it back and is lost permanently from your SD card so it is highly important to stop using your SD card after losing data from it.

A few more features of this SD card recovery software:

  • It features an algorithm that has the ability to retrieve each and every file off your SD card regardless of the SD card storage size or its brand.
  • You can recover files of all sizes and types.
  • It lets you recover, view and then save the recovered data to any folder of your choice on your computer after the recovery is complete.
  • Its interface is designed to retrieve files from your SD card in just a few mouse clicks and requires lesser time to retrieve the files.