How to repair pst file?

In current scenario generally people use outlook for managing mails, contacts, calendar, reminder, etc. This software has been boon to the users having different e-mail ids. MS Outlook or commonly called outlook was developed by Microsoft incorporation which along with MS Office suite. It’s awesome features make it reliable to use for novice or expert. Thus, if by any reason you face a catastrophic situation where you are not able to contact any of your friends or colleges by using outlook. Then you need to use Scan Pst software, which gets back all desired files within few minutes.

There are number of ways by which you can lose control over pst file such as accidental deletion of emails from pst, improper outlook termination, upgradation of outlook, virus infection, Oversized Pst file, etc. Let’s discuss some of the above mentioned scenarios. Deletion of any mail from Outlook pst is a common activity. But some time it happens that by accident you deleted some other folder instead of desired one. Generally people think that those lost folders can’t be recovered but that’s not the case, for such type of situation we do have a tool called Scan Pst. It is read only app and performs its act without making any changes to the content of pst file. This tool easily scan outlook 2010 pst and revives each and every file which are deleted intentionally or unintentionally.

From the very beginning of outlook one of it limitation it has faced is that its pst size can be upto some point only. The maximum size of outlook 2010 is 50 GB. 50 GB may seem you very big but people who keep sharing large volume of files between their friends and college can go beyond it. Once any pst file goes reaches its maturity value then its chances of getting corrupt increases. Lets take example of Suppose you are using outlook 2000 which has max size of 2 Gb. Since you have been using it for long, it has reached its max value. Due to this one day it gets corrupt. So now what is to be done??? You need not panic in situation. You can get back those files by implementation of Scan Pst software. This tool recreates a new pst without making any changes to the original one, thus your original file remains safe as before.

Some of glittering features of this tool are:

  • It supports different versions of outlook.
  • Even password protected pst can be repaired.
  • Emails deleted from outlook can be recovered effortlessly.
  • If you don’t have idea about where the pst file is located it can easily track it down.
  • Repairs pst file which gets corrupt due to upgradation.
  • It repairs pst files located on external drive also.
  • It supports different windows os.
  • It gives preview option to have a look at recovered data.

Therefore by going through Scan Pst features we can state that it can be used to repair pst file. Anyone get it from internet for trial usage.