How to restore deleted pictures from iPhoto Library

The electronic gadgets like digital cameras capture media data and store it on the memory cards that will be mounted on them. The file types of data like pictures on cameras’ memory card will differ from one camera brand to another brand. For instance pictures on Canon camera are stored as CR2 or CRW file types whereas in Sony camera the file type is SR2. The captured photos on cameras will be copied to the systems for further processing. For e.g. if you are using Mac system you will be aware of iPhoto Library. It is the media management application on Macintosh system developed by Apple Inc.  It is used to manage and organize the photos on multiple iPhoto libraries instead of using all the photos in one huge library. You can edit, share, import the photos on iPhoto library and the photos stored in a library can be tracked easily on iPhoto library. It is very similar to Google’s Picasa or Adobe Photoshop.

Although iPhoto library is beneficial, pictures could be lost from it in many ways. Assume that you connected the camera to the Mac system in order to transfer all the captured pictures onto the iPhoto library.  But during the process, the camera was accidentally removed and thus the file transfer was interrupted. This interruption damaged the files that were being transferred. The damaged pictures are now inaccessible and thus you have faced data loss. In all the situations you could easily restore the lost pictures with the aid of recovery software. The other reasons that cause loss of data files like pictures from various storage devices are mentioned over here:

  • Errors in the iPhoto library application – Many times the applications that you use on the system will become corrupt as result of errors in the working of that application. So any error or irregularity of the iPhoto application may lead to data corruption and thus the data will be lost.
  • Unexpected Deletion of the pictures – When you delete any pictures from the digital camera on the system, the deleted pictures will not be stored in Windows Recycle Bin / Mac Trash folders. So if the data is accidentally deleted then you cannot restore it back and thus facing data loss.
  • Corruption of file system – When iPhoto library database that stores all the crucial information about all the data files stored in iPhoto library is corrupted, the data gets damaged and thus data becomes inaccessible. This causes data loss.
  • Errors while synchronization – While synchronizing the pictures from digital camera to iPhoto Library if there occurs any errors then the data could get corrupt and thus you will lose data from digital cameras.
  • Memory card format – If there are any errors while using memory cards on camera or if the memory card is corrupt, then you cannot access any of the data from that memory card. In that case you need to format it and thus you will lose all the data.

In all the above mentioned scenarios the lost data like pictures can be restored back with the aid of picture recovery tools.  You can also restore photos that are lost from various memory cards of digital cameras. The software is used for many other purposes such as:

  • Restores all the different photo file types such as JPEG, SRF, CRW, PNG, NEF, etc from digital cameras of different brands
  • Recovers lost photos from various storage devices like SD, CF, XD, XQD, MMC, memory stick, etc.
  • Software can easily recover lost pictures and other media files from storage devices of various file systems like FAT, FAT16, FAT12, HFS, etc.
  • It also helps to restore RAW photo files on various memory cards of cameras

The software can be utilized to recover professional digital camera photos from various digital camera models. The software is also capable of restoring other media files like videos, audios, music files, etc on most of the Windows and Macintosh systems with ease. You can download the application for its usage from the link mentioned above.