How to Restore Files from Formatted Hard Drive?

Have you lost your most important files from system hard drive/partition after formatting? For avoiding this type of issue, you have to keep proper backup of your precious files before trying to format your hard drive. If you have failed to do so, don’t get upset by thinking of your lost files because formatting doesn’t delete data permanently from any storage media like hard drive partition. Format task only erase the registry entries of files which are located in the hard drive and your drive file system will be converted with new file system structure. At this time you can come to know that formatted drive consist of existing files but it will be hidden to your installed operating system. Therefore you can recover files effectively from hard drive after formatting by make use of smarter recovery tool known as My Hard Drive Recovery which can scan your hard drive thoroughly and identifies lost files because of format task within short time period.

Some Possible Reasons behind Hard Drive Format

Accidental Formatting: Assume, you are trying to format any hard drive partition like local disk (E). At that time you may select wrong partition as local disk (G) instead of local disk drive (E). So the entire data which are saved in the local disk (G) can get lost immediately. Likewise you may format wrong system drive partition instead of formatting external hard drive.

Intentional Formatting: Computer hard disk drive may get damaged ir corrupted due to different causes such as bad sectors, severe virus attack, improper system usage, file system damage,. Whenever you try to start your system it may show some format error pop up message as “Disk drive not formatted… do you want to format?” in such a time you may click on “Ok” option in order access your hard drive partition instantly.

OS Reinstallation: Sometime, you may reinstall an operating system without taking important files and folders backup means severe data loss may take place after OS reinstallation.

However, you can restore formatted hard drive data with the help of this exclusive recovery tool. But before implementing this tool you should confirm that you didn’t save any new files on same hard drive partition after formatting it. If the hard drive free storage space is overwritten by saving new files after formatting means the success rate of this application can get affected. So please be calm after formatting your drive then execute this tool effectively.

Exclusive Features of My Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • This reliable tool can perform formatted hard disk recovery after format operation effectively  which runs on all the trendy versions of Mac & Windows systems.
  • It can retrieve files from various hard drives such as SATA, IDE, SCSI and PATA which may contains any file system structure like FAT 16, HFS, NTFS, and ExFAT.
  • This tool Rescues files from formatted internal hard drives, , memory sticks, pen drives, memory cards, external USB HDD and so on.
  • Rescued files can be saved in any desired memory locations and the files are sorted based on file format, file size, file created or altered date, name of file for an easy access.
  • It can get back hundreds of file types including Word files (DOCX), videos(MOV,AVI,MP4) music files (MP3,AMR), PowerPoint files (PPT), digital photos (JPG, PNG), Excel files(XLSX,XLS) , etc.