Memory Card File Recovery Software

Memory card can also called with multiple names like  SD card, Flash card, Micro SD, etc. and it is a device which is used to store the files into it. After storing the different files in it, then it become easy to access the files whenever required. It is portable device as the size of the memory card is small and user may not feel any kind of difficulty to carry this device along with them. SD card is used in different electronics applications such as cameras, mobile phones, consoles, camcorders, and many more other devices aiming to store data. Audio file, images, games, video file, software, MS files, Outlook files, apps, etc. are some different files which supported by memory card for storing in it.memory card file recovery

Based on the storage capacity and brand, memory card are further classified. In market, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, etc. are the different memory card available based on the storage size and capacity. Now while coming to the brand, due to its wide usage by people of different part of the world many brands like Sony, Transcend, MicroSD, Kingston, Samsung, etc. has came into existence. The main feature of this memory card is that it allow user to access the file without making use of the power. As it is small so easily get fitted in many devices and it is used as external storage devices which help to save internal memory space of the devices.

Sometimes device get slow in its working performance which is containing memory card in it. These things happened when some files in the memory card get corrupted or damaged due to virus or any harmful attack. To improve the performance, then you need to opt for formatting memory card. This will erase all data and make freely space memory card. Formatting memory card may also delete files which were really needed to you; here you need not to worry about the loss of important files. Because there is a recovery tool named as Data Recovery after Software which helps you to memory card file recovery with its advance features.

There are several other reasons for the loss of data from memory card, let us discuss some of them.

  • Antivirus software clear virus infected file when you connect your memory card to the device which is containing this software. So it is better to keep card scanning regularly in order to prevent files from virus attack. Because antivirus program delete the virus effected file without alarming the user. So there is chance that when you connect, you may lose vital file from memory card.
  • With the human error files can also get deleted or lost from memory card. This is accidental cases which occur due to negligence of the user.
  • Sudden removal of memory card may also cause data corruption. Due to this, you can’t access the files which are corrupted then you should forcefully delete files which results in loss of files from the memory card.
  • When the user decides to make SD card freely space then the memory card should be formatted. Formatting also makes loss of important files too from the memory card.

Additional features of this Tool:

  • It works well in performing memory card data recovery after format on both the latest platforms of Windows and Mac OS.
  • This tool has ability to scan the entire device for the lost file and restore the lost file without altering original content of the file.