One of the finer uses for data recovery tools

Data recovery or file recovery tools can help you in many more ways than you may realize. Most people assume that these tools are designed to assist when one has accidentally deleted files by doing something as simple as emptying the Windows recycle bin prematurely or have directly deleted files or folders from a digital media storage device connected to their computer. These devices such as USB compact flash drives and external book drives allow one to delete files without placing them first into the Windows recycle bin. But there’s another use for a data recovery utility that can be far more helpful. This is to recover files from formatted hard drive storage.

The need to recover data from a formatted drive occurs when we reload Windows before copying from our computer’s internal hard disk drive all of its stored contents. Many people are unaware that reloading Windows deletes all of their stored files. Fortunately that same file deletion recovery program you might use when you accidentally click on delete instead of save can look through your reformatted hard drive and return to you a list of all previously stored files.