Outlook data migration may be the best email recovery option

Some programs for Microsoft Outlook repair can actually look at your Microsoft Outlook database file and compare it to a sample known to be uncorrupted. You are then given the option of replacing access files on your Outlook database in the hope that this will restore functionality to the application. Because the database values and Outlook is called a PST file this process is named PST repair. Barring successful PST repair in this manner email recovery of Outlook messages can also be effected by Outlook migration.

Outlook migration entails culling from the Outlook PST file all non applications stored data. This would include content such as text of e-mail messages, settings such as font sizes, and customizations such as stationery. Better programs for Microsoft Outlook recovery allow Outlook migration to a prepared working Outlook inbox. More specifically this data is moved to a non corrupted PST file.