Photo recovery from popular memory cards

Choosing the proper software program to use for digital media recovery is a fairly straightforward process. You’ll begin by ascertaining what type of operating system your computer uses. This is basic and extremely simple. PCs use Microsoft Windows in one version or another. Many smaller netbook computers use Linux and Mac computers use Mac OS X. Just make sure to read the support and system requirements on any digital media software you’re considering purchasing. The next feature you must look for is the ability to recover deleted photos from SD card media.

SD cards are the most commonly used media type for digital cameras and video cams. The micro SD format is used in popular devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players. Your program to undelete pictures from SD card media should be able to support all commonly used digital devices such as these. It is important to note that SD cards can be formatted many different ways in support of the different operating systems. For this reason your recovery program must be an extremely universal application.

One of the finer uses for data recovery tools

Data recovery or file recovery tools can help you in many more ways than you may realize. Most people assume that these tools are designed to assist when one has accidentally deleted files by doing something as simple as emptying the Windows recycle bin prematurely or have directly deleted files or folders from a digital media storage device connected to their computer. These devices such as USB compact flash drives and external book drives allow one to delete files without placing them first into the Windows recycle bin. But there’s another use for a data recovery utility that can be far more helpful. This is to recover files from formatted hard drive storage.

The need to recover data from a formatted drive occurs when we reload Windows before copying from our computer’s internal hard disk drive all of its stored contents. Many people are unaware that reloading Windows deletes all of their stored files. Fortunately that same file deletion recovery program you might use when you accidentally click on delete instead of save can look through your reformatted hard drive and return to you a list of all previously stored files.

Mistakenly formatted partitions can still be recovered

When looking for a solution relative to a situation requiring us to recover formatted partitions let us first examine the cause or reason that the partition in question was reformatted. Next we must look at the status of the files within the partition. More simply explained, did we reformat the partition accidentally due to perhaps a prompt from Windows or did we end up reformatting a partition as part of reloading our operating system.

Obviously if our computer will not start up and the failure is due being unable to access boot files from the PC’s internal hard drive we have little choice but to reload Windows. In any case, reformatting results in a need for partition recovery. The status of the stored files previously located on that partition becomes paramount when the files we seek to recover have been previously deleted. Only the most powerful data recovery tools can successfully locate deleted files on a reformatted hard drive.

PST repair options for when your Outlook inbox is damaged

If you use Microsoft Outlook as your email client at some point you may look for a problem to develop resulting in failure of your Microsoft Outlook inbox. The inbox is a folder as part of the larger PST file. This Microsoft Outlook PST file is actually a kind of simple database that can be written to as a means of storing email messages and other settings. Settings might include custom stationery for emails or scheduling tasks. The Microsoft Outlook application allows for dozens of different uses. For some reason Microsoft Outlook has always been prone to file corruption. Perhaps it is because the very nature of any e-mail client is to send and receive emails and that provides an avenue for virus susceptibility.

Whatever the cause may be, if and when your Microsoft Outlook inbox should be damaged and need repair, the entire process shifts to restoration of content into a working PST file. Corrupted PST repair is actually not a repair in the strictest sense. We repair PST damage by extracting from the current inoperable file all non-application data. That information is then migrated into a working PST file.

Retrieving digital data inside a damaged flash drive

Rescuing files locked away in a corrupted USB flash drive is a bit of a different process than standard data recovery of files on an internal computer hard drive. An advantage to USB drive recovery is that you may download a data recovery tool directly onto the computer that the compact flash drive is connected to. Hard drive recovery requires the assistance of a second PC.

The difficulty involved when we attempt to recover files from corrupted flash drive storage is that the corrupted drive, much like a crashed hard drive sometimes denies us access to scan for files. Always test a failed USB flash drive on several computers before assuming it is corrupted. Very often one PC may be incompatible with the hardware or may simply not recognize the drivers of the USB device. If the drive is indeed corrupted, attempt a scan using a quality digital media recovery tool. This usually works but should the tool be unable to read the files on the drive, including deleted files, then you may have to reformat the device in its original FAT format before again attempting to scan it.

Hidden details to watch for when choosing data recovery software

It’s funny how when looking at a box holding software or the description of software online that one of the most prominent parts the description are the system requirements. Software makers go to great lengths to make sure that your computer hardware is equal to these requirements of their software. But something far more important that is often hidden is the support features of the software itself. A basic example is related to operating systems. If you are using a Mac computer and a suite of undelete software is designed only for Windows, that program will never work for you. Yet very often unscrupulous software makers hide exactly which operating systems their program will support.

Many programs for deleted file recovery need to be specifically addressed. When looking for digital photo recovery programs one must find software that is positively designed to work with their camera type. There are many different Windows operating systems versions. Always make sure that the data recovery program you choose is compatible with your version of Windows.