Photo recovery from popular memory cards

Choosing the proper software program to use for digital media recovery is a fairly straightforward process. You’ll begin by ascertaining what type of operating system your computer uses. This is basic and extremely simple. PCs use Microsoft Windows in one version or another. Many smaller netbook computers use Linux and Mac computers use Mac OS X. Just make sure to read the support and system requirements on any digital media software you’re considering purchasing. The next feature you must look for is the ability to recover deleted photos from SD card media.

SD cards are the most commonly used media type for digital cameras and video cams. The micro SD format is used in popular devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players. Your program to undelete pictures from SD card media should be able to support all commonly used digital devices such as these. It is important to note that SD cards can be formatted many different ways in support of the different operating systems. For this reason your recovery program must be an extremely universal application.