Quick Way to Recover Deleted Files from USB Drive

Have you accidentally deleted files from your Western Digital USB hard drive? Well, if the replay is positive, don’t be fear. Those deleted files can be retrieving back even if you can’t restore them with the help of an appropriate backup. If you don’t have backup then you can use third party application to recover lost or deleted files. Western Digital USB drives are one of the most popular devices which provide easy and convenient way to transport data. You can store your photos, songs and other important data in tiny device. With all these benefits, USB HDD has its own limitations. They may get damaged or corrupted which leads to loss of data and many other reasons. If you delete your file from USB drive that doesn’t mean it is completely deleting but the pointer pointing to that file is deleted instead of the place which is taken by old data is now freed up and listed as available re-usable space. However the old file is not fully deleted until it’s overwritten with new file.

Now you are thinking is there any way to restore those deleted files?  Don’t be anxious, there is good recovery software to retrieve deleted files from USB drive but you must act fast once file gets deleted. Luckily, there are various types of software which are available in market to recover USB hard drives. Most of the software are simple, easy and in expensive. USB Recovery tool is one of the popular software which has an excellent feature through which it scans particular file from file structure but directory of USB drive based on file name, file structure and data of data of creation, After this, it shows files that can be recovered. Perhaps, files which you lost or deleted accidentally, will be on the list. You can then choose the files you wish to restore, and the software will restore them either on another media or on a storage device for easy accessibility.
Following are some the causes to delete files from USB hard disk drives

  • Accidental format: Sometimes USB drive might get damaged due to improper plug and play procedure i.e. removing USB drive from computer or laptop when there is a read or write process in progress. In order to use such corrupted USB drives further, it needs to be formatted. In case if the damaged USB drive has any of your important files which are not yet backed up, then chances of losing data are pretty more.
  • There are some other instances like extensive rough use of USB HDD, virus attack, file system error, etc. might also result in severe data loss.

No matter how you lost files from USB drive, USB Recovery Tool can easily retrieve files in a few simple mouse clicks. It has an inbuilt find option which helps you to search any particular file from the list of recovered files on the basis of various file attributes like file name, file size, extension and date of file creation. Furthermore, this tool supports external hard recovery on Mac and Windows computers. Overall, USB Recovery Tool can simply recover data from corrupt, damaged, inaccessible, formatted, or reformatted USB hard drives. For more info click here https://www.usbrecoverytool.com/western-digital-usb-hard-drive.html