Recover deleted pictures

Data loss is something that cannot be avoided to the fullest, and almost everyone who uses a PC or a multimedia device or any other type of storage media would have faced data loss at least once in his lifetime. Though there existed very little options for recovery of data in the older days, the situation is much better now, with new data recovery companies coming into existence almost everyday. This has made it easier for the user, as data can be recovered in almost all scenarios, unless the scenario is really serious. There is a reason for data recovery becoming so easy.

Data Recovery Software makers started to develop recovery software, based on two major parameters. The first parameter that they considered was the type of device that was getting affected. For example, if a hard disk was the one which was affected by data loss, they came up with partition recovery software, and file recovery software suited for the hard drive. It was the same in case of memory cards, USB drives etc.

The second parameter that they considered was different scenarios. Users usually came up with questions like how to recover deleted pictures from memory card, or how to recover formatted hard drive etc. This led to software developers customizing the data recovery software in such a way, so that it could handle different data loss scenarios. This again led to development of different types of data recovery software. Though these two are the basic parameters, there are also different other parameters that influence development of new data recovery software.