Renowned File Recovery Program for Mac

Losing files from Mac computer is a critical situation that is faced by most of the people across the globe. You may have dragged some files to trash & then right clicked ‘Empty trash’ option by mistake. After few days you realize that you have deleted an important file. Are you feeling desperate after losing files? Don’t be so, as you can make use of Mac OS X file recovery software to get back missing files.

When files get deleted from Mac computer then it get re-directed to the trash folder which is the temporary location for storing erased files so that in if you need that file in future then you can recover them back. But when files get deleted from trash folder then it cannot be restored unless you use a recovery program to get them back.

Possible reasons which cause loss of files from Mac machine:

  •  You may have erased files from Trash folder accidentally using Shift + Command + Delete keys. It is a shortcut method to empty the Trash.
  • Sometimes you may empty trash folder thinking that the files in it are no longer needed and consuming unnecessary space in hard drive. But later after some days you realize that while clearing the trash an important file got deleted which you need now to perform certain tasks. You also do not have backup to restore it back.
  • While transferring files from Mac computer to external hard disk or vice versa if you pull out the drive all of a sudden then it may lead you to inaccessibility of files from it.
  • File system conversion from one format to other may result in loss of files if there is no backup. You may also face data loss situations if there is any interruption in the mid way during conversion process.
  • Bad sectors in hard drive are also one the reasons for loss of files from it. It is created due to excess read write process, frequent power loss, etc. It prohibits the user to access files from the next sectors. As a result inaccessibility of files from it.

Mac file recovery is the tool to undelete files with utmost ease. It can also restore files in iMac, Mac Mini, Macbook Air, MacBook Pro, etc. It is built with powerful algorithm which scans the entire drive & then retrieves files back. It also recovers files from hard disk formatted with HFS+ & HFS X partitions. It also helps to get back files from external hard disk, memory cards, USB drives, Fire wire drives, memory sticks, etc. It restores all types of files based on signature search.

Document is a file created with the help of Microsoft Word application. It is used for both professional & educational purpose. But sometimes due to certain reasons like power loss, virus infection, software malfunction, unintentional deletion, file system corruption, etc. you may face loss scenarios. Doc file recovery software is the best tool to recover back all word documents without any difficulty.

You can download the trial version of the tool to check the capability of the tool. Install it & then launch it. After the process of recovery is completed you can view the contents of the recovery file but you can save it once you purchase the tool.