Rescue of data before reloading a Windows operating system

The need to recover NTFS partition files arises from hard disk drive file corruption. The cause of this can be very varied. Often as computer hard drives get a bit older the high RPM rotating platter inside of a hard disk drive becomes a little out of balance and manages to demagnetize stored content. When this stored content happens to be the Windows files used to control file access the hard drive suffers a logic crash and the entire computer is made inoperable. Functionality is restored be reinstalling the PC operating system.

Prior to reloading Windows the hard drive partition must be accessed and any stored files recovered. Reloading Windows reformats the partition and deletes all previous files. So as to avoid deleting all of our archived files we use an NTFS partition recovery utility to open the failed hard disk drive and extract from it all the pertinent stored files. Programs built to recover NTFS partition information are available online from Remo Software.