Restore Deleted Files and Folders from HDD, Memory Card & USB Drive

Have you ever been a victim of losing files and folders from HDD, Memory card & USB drive? Want instant solution to recover deleted files and folders? If yes, then you are at the right page where you can get a perfect solution about how to restore deleted files and folders from HDD, Memory card & USB drive. The process of deletion of file is not complicated, actually whenever we use to delete any file from file system of HDD, Memory card & USB drive, we try some easy way of deletion like simply pressing Delete button or shift + delete. By using this way we just delete the pointer of that particular file which is addressing to memory address of that file.  By deletion of such pointers, files become invisible and inaccessible.

restore deleted

On the other hand, the deleted files leave free space on hard disk for storage of any new file and once any new file gets overwritten in place of deleted file then it becomes really impossible to apply deleted file recovery. So, in case of deleted file recovery you must use Recover Deleted software as soon as possible. Recover Deleted software is one of the most reliable and result oriented recovery tool which is used to perform restore deSleted files and folders process with quite an ease. So, before discussing the features of this software, let us know some scenarios that are responsible for deletion of files and folders:

  • Unintentional deletion: By the process of deletion we use to delete and get rid of all the useless files from HDD, Memory card & USB drive users usually select some important files and folders and hit deleted option. This results in huge loss of files and folders.
  • Third Party Tool:There are several applications that when installed on computer, automatically gets access of other files. So, in case these applications start malfunctioning then it automatically affects to their relevant files. This might lead to corruption of files or even deletion of files. Antivirus software is a type of third party tool which we can consider as a perfect example for such results.
  • Error in Data Transfer:While transferring some files from your computer to any external source say USB Memory Stick, if user terminates the transferring process any how in middle then it may results to file corruption.
  • Other Reasons:Apart from all these reasons there are other reasons for file and folders deletion such as deletion from trash or recycle bin, power surge, formatting or reformatting of drives, virus attack and so on.

Salient Features of Recover Deleted Software:

Recover Deleted is pretty much proficient, powerful and reliable software which scans the drive within few minutes of installation and provide list of all recoverable files to user. From this list of file user can select that to which file user have to apply recovery process. Due to its advance scanning algorithm, this software is recommended by industrial professional and experts. Its interactive user interface use to guide user during entire process of recovery and helps them in deleted files and folders recovery process. The ‘Save Recovery Session’ helps to restore deleted process at any time with pretty much ease.