Retrieving digital data inside a damaged flash drive

Rescuing files locked away in a corrupted USB flash drive is a bit of a different process than standard data recovery of files on an internal computer hard drive. An advantage to USB drive recovery is that you may download a data recovery tool directly onto the computer that the compact flash drive is connected to. Hard drive recovery requires the assistance of a second PC.

The difficulty involved when we attempt to recover files from corrupted flash drive storage is that the corrupted drive, much like a crashed hard drive sometimes denies us access to scan for files. Always test a failed USB flash drive on several computers before assuming it is corrupted. Very often one PC may be incompatible with the hardware or may simply not recognize the drivers of the USB device. If the drive is indeed corrupted, attempt a scan using a quality digital media recovery tool. This usually works but should the tool be unable to read the files on the drive, including deleted files, then you may have to reformat the device in its original FAT format before again attempting to scan it.