Saving time recovering deleted recycle bin files with sorting functions

One of the most important features of a quality data recovery program is the ability to sort through files both before and after recovery. Take for example the situation of recycle bin recovery. When files are placed into the Windows recycle bin Windows labels these with a new name they are also placed into the recycler folder. When you direct a high quality data recovery tool to look for files specifically emptied from the Windows recycle bin it must be able to locate the recycler folder and within that structure find the type of file you’re looking for. You can imagine the amount of time this would save as you might be looking for one digital image file out of thousands of files within file types deleted.

Or you might want to wait until after your data recovery tool has scanned your entire computer hard drive to choose the photos you wish to undelete. Your same high quality data recovery tool will allow you to recover files from emptied recycle bin storage then preview those files choosing which photographs you meant to throw away and which you actually meant to save.