Simple Way to Recover Photos from CF card

Compact Flash (CF) card is a storage gadget that has flash memory in a uniform enclosure. SanDisk, Nikon and Sony companies first started compact flash card format that are designed to high-resolution digital photo cameras and high-definition camcorders. These cards are obtainable with different storage capacities ranging from several MB’s to several GB’s. Compact flash cards are used in portable electronic gadgets and are generally formatted as FAT16 for cards sized up to 2GB and FAT32 for cards sized above 2GB.Digital single-lens reflex cameras like digital SLR or DSLR most commonly uses compact flash cards. DSLR camera stores the photos that are captured in a RAW image file format in the CF card. However, in some grievous situations, RAW photos may be deleted or lost from CF cards.

Some Reasons behind File Loss from CF card:

Accidental Deletion: You can vary from preventable conditions like accidental deleting the RAW photos files from DSLR camera by using the “Delete All” option to manifest situations that are beyond the control, as RAW photos can be lost due to CF card corruption or formatting of the CF card.

Malicious Program Attack: Sometimes, CF card may get corrupted due to severe file system corruption, malicious or virus attack etc. resulting in photo loss.

Antivirus Usage: In some cases, while removing the virus with the aid of antivirus tool from memory card, it may also result in photo loss. Antivirus program scans all the files and folders which are present on CF card. While scanning if the antivirus program finds any virus which is really harmful to the system, then along with virus the RAW files also get deleted by antivirus program. Y

Improper Usage of CF card: You may also lose RAW files if you unplugged or abruptly pulled your CF from card reader which is connected to the system because the system might be accessing the CF card.

Accidental Formatting: If you accidentally format the compact flash card, then the RAW files stored in the card, might not be accessible after formatting. Hence to recover the RAW files you can make use of Photo Recovery software.

You should always make sure to create a backup of the files. If backup is created, once you lost your photos then you can easily get back them. If you don’t have any backup of the RAW files then you can make use of this software.

Unique Features of Photo Recovery Software:

  • It is the best photo recovery software that is specially designed to recover deleted photos from CF card and also retrieve Raw images effectively.
  • You can easily download the demo version of the software from the Remo website that is available.
  • It also lets you to recover deleted or lost RAW images of various types like ARW, SR2, CR2, CRW, ORF, MRW, NEF, X3F, PEF, DNG, RAF, K25, DCR KDC etc.
  • The rescued files are sorted based on name of files, file created or modifies date, file size, type of files.