Software to permanently delete files

While most of us think about protecting files from getting deleted, there is definitely a need for a software that is also capable of deleting files permanently. When a file gets deleted, there are number of software present for recovering the deleted data. For example, if the data loss has occurred on a PC running on Windows, data recovery is possible using a Windows data recovery tool, while data recovery on a Mac is capable with the help of a Mac data recovery software. However, people slowly felt the need for a software that could permanently delete files in such a manner, so that they could never be recovered.

One of the main uses of a file shredding software is when the user needs to sell his PC. A file shredding software is of importance for deleting the data on the hard drive, as the person who buys the PC can easily access the data on the PC, if it has not been erased permanently. This could evade the person’s privacy and lead to misuse of his personal data. However, using a good File Shredding Tools avoids this from happening.

The user has to be careful in choosing the right File Shredding tool, so that recovery of the deleted data is not possible, even with the use of a data recovery software. This can be ensured by looking for certain parameters like methods used for data erasure, ease of use of the software, quality tests that have been passed by the software etc.